TV program on Dec. 31,2008

I have never watched the NHK TV what we call "KOUHAKU (Red and White) Uta (songs)
Gattsen(competetion) in past many years because I do not follow up to date songs in Japan. However, I love 1 song that the title is TEGAMI (letter) and song by Angera Aki.
Angela Aki-wikipedia

I got to know this song from my niece who is 16 years old and she copied many her favorite songs to me. So I listend her given CD many times so that I got to know a couple Japanese songs in 2008.

During this TV program, there was live TV from Brazil, Sao Paulo, Liberdade area and there is a new year celebration organized by Japanese Brazilian there. I still remember the area of Liberdade in Sao Paulo and I tried to look for my friends when the TV showed the festival and area but I could not find him and his family!! It was 80 years anivaersary held in 2008 since Japanese immigrated Brazil. I had visited twoice there and I had a great memories with people who live and work. They treated me very nicely and warm welcomed.

Less than 2 hours will bring 2009 and I do hope 2009 will have better year for me as well as for the world.

久しぶりに見た紅白歌合戦。 日本語の歌はあまり聞かない私だったけど、高校生の姪っ子のおかげで大好きな歌が2-3できました。 ”手紙”という歌だいすきなんです。 姪っ子たちの青春を少しだけ見れている叔母の私。 あっという間に高校生と中学生。 オムツを変え、川の字になって昼ねしたり、一緒に水泳やスキーに行ったあの頃。 本当に楽しい想い出をくれた子供たち。 私には子供がいないが、彼女たちが自分の子供のようだ。

紅白歌合戦を聞きながら サンパウロからの生中継が出た時には パソコンを止めた。
そう 私が行っていた リベルダーデからの中継だった。 私の友人もそこにお店を持っている。 
沢山の人たちの中で 友人を探している私がいた。  今年は一度来たけど、2回目は連絡がない。
元気でいてくれれば。 いつかサンパウロに行ってみたいなあ。


ボンジア!  オブリガーダ 

thanks for 2008

2008 is about to over soon and another new year will be coming soon! I made this blog during 2008 finally after so many years thinking and I did it. Still there are so many memories in my mind when I used to work for overseas either lived in the US. Whenever I write my blog, I start recalling so many things slowly and then I try to write it on.
If I would not have written this blog, I know my memories would be fading off and I could not have written many things what I faced or expeirenced. Thanks for 2008 that forced me to do and enjoyed writing and thinking.

I have a lot of great memories and friends in overseas rather than Japan.
Thanks to all of my friends who still contact or think of me!

I also think of you often in each country. There is a war in the middle east between PL and Israel but most of people die would be innocent citizens or kids. Please stop fighting any more and no more war!
Whenever people who get sick, please cure or send them to hospital or give med. ASAP instead of waiting to get some signal from their body just wait to die. I know we can do something at least during one time life. We should cheer people up together.

I still often go to see my DR in 2008 and slowly recovering my sickness but I have to be very careful so long as I live under stressful world and being with people.

On the other hand, I met a great family in 2008 near our house. I started teaching English which I also would feel good for me not to forget my English. Many of my friends in the US told me that I should teach English in when I got to Japan. As a matter of fact, I did it for a couple person in Tokyo and in the current place.

Luckily the persons whom I taught or teach are so bright and kind!!
I really enjoyed learing English together and I still can communicate my friends when people call me from overseasa sometime.

I do not want to live in small world and with narrow minded people.

I have learned diversity from my ex boss and he was a big man! ( by many meanings)
I still respect him a lot even he has already gone to the heaven. I also got another friend whose had been concerned about me for many years and he also has been watching me from the heaven. They always thought about me like one of their family memebers. So that's the reason I am here now even struggling by stressful life.

Both of them were my mentors and great human beings.
I follow what they had told me from now on and I do not want to hear about anything from negative stuff from people around me.

My life is just once and no one can controle me. I want to do something for people and for animals extend to live in this planet. Do not controle me any more.

I have to grown up and do many things from now on. I have to reflect my mentors thought to others.

Tomorrow will be the end of 2008 and I will born again to be a new Keiko!
Thanks everyone and thanks to my dearest friends.

今年2008年は 波乱万丈?の一年だった。 いつものように点滴や 体調の悪化、やはり人の価値観を痛感。 ここまでひどい違いは今までそれほど経験しなかったけど。

心臓が痛くなったときもあった。 DRがこれ以上ストレス貯めると 狭心症になるから気をつけるようにと 言った言葉。

でも今年は本当に人の縁で 素敵なご家族と友人との出会いがありました。 羽咋に来てから こんなに一杯話をしたりしたことが無いなあ。  目がきらきらして これからの夢、チャレンジ そして成功を感じ取れるご夫婦。 頑張ってほしい。

私が東京で英語を教えていた青年は 来年早々JAICAにて アフリカに行く。2-3年は帰って来ないそうだが、いろんな思いを抱いて飛び立つんだろうな。 23歳になるそうだ。 
頑張ってね ひろ君。   

私の世界の友人たちも沢山メールや電話を貰った。 いつもどこかに私のことを思い出してくれる、本当にこれが私の心の元気の素かな。  

自由人として来年から頑張って生きたい。 先日何もしない自由人と言われ、すっきりした。 

これからもいろんな人に会い、仕事、企画、そして動物愛護に携わって生きたい。 それが私に課せられた残りの人生の過ごし方!かもね。

みなさん 本当に今年もお世話になりました。 来年もまたいろんなアドバイスいただきに、おしゃべりに、そして来年は今年よりもずっと私に取って良い年にしたい。


about to welecome 2009?

How was your X'mas days and after?? I know there is what we call Boxing day in the US after X'mas and I used to go to look for some stuff myself and it is very good price though!

Well, but I did not have much to buy because I had to go back to Japan after studying either after livising with my hubby. So try not to buy many things so long as stuff would be necessary to have or really want to have!

I got a couple X'mas cards from the US and from Norway the other day and I enjoyed reading those. I have to send a couple more to oversese but still not yet. Last year was mostly from E-cards but this year, I got a couple cards. Things have been changed? Well, world has been struggling and many people have been facing problems. Some EU countries are already anounced a big packet of aid or to create more job for people but Japan still seems to be far behind of.

I do really want our government to be more aggresive and do something for us! They keep quarrel with each other and then everthing has not be made anything! It is too late!! Do something!

Well, this is one of citizen's voice in Japan.

another 4 days to go and then 2009 will be coming. I set up my goal now and just keep concentrating to see my ahead instead of thinking or receiving many interferes. Life is short and just one time. I do not want to regret myself and there is a differences from my value and some.
I do not want me to face them to be same or follow what they say or tell me.

I hope my 2009 will be better year than 2008.

ということで 2008年は 体調をかなり崩した私、そして最後は腰を打撲し、寝返りを打つのも痛いので、睡眠導入財を飲んでいるけど 途中で何度も目が覚める。 昨日はちょっと重い物を持った為、腰がやはり痛い。 これは大事にしなくては。 自分の身体、誰も面倒は見てくれない。

クリスマスは如何でしたか? 私はアメリカにいた頃は よくBOXING DAY というセールに通いましたよ。(笑) いっせいにお店がバーゲンやセールをするクリスマスの次の日。 これと言って買うものはあったのかな? とにかくどれぐらい価格が下がるのか、どんな物があるのか興味があって、よくモールに一人で行きました。 何を買ったのだろうか? 覚えていない。


先日より クリスマスカードが世界から届いています。 ノルウエーやアメリカなど。 E-cardはアジアや中東から。 あらあああ 私まだ2-3通カード出していなかった。 今日書かなくちゃ、そしてE-cardも出さなくては。 昨年はほとんどE-cardsでしたが、今年は郵便で送られてきている。 この殺伐とした世界、やはり文字が書いてカードを手元に頂くとうれしいです。 今日中に出さなくちゃ。

日本はかなりの不景気とか。でも反面 いろんな企業がこのチャンスにと頑張っている。 いくつかのEU諸国は独自のパッケージで国民に働く場、また保障があるが、日本は全く無い。 これで西進諸国の一つだと言えるのだろうか? G7の中できっといちばん行動が遅い国だと思う。 GDPもG7の中で一番低いそうだ。 いったいどうしてしまったんでしょうか? 製造業で戦後 行け行けでみんな頑張ってきて ある程度の位置まできて、そして生産工場を安い国々に移し、日本が空洞化になってしまった。 私も以前の仕事関連で工場が中国に移った時にはがっかりした。 日本の製品が売りたかったのだ。 いろんなことを考えれば最終コストって 日本で作ったぐらいになってしまう。

日本はすばらしい製造技術を持っています。それを大切にしていれば。 ドイツなども東ヨーロッパに拠点を移していたりしてたけど、 やはりドイツ国内でも製造はしっかりしていて、マイスターもたくさん生み出している。 日本はそれが無い。

役人は言い合い、喧嘩 人の悪口ばかりで 行動が伴わない。 何とかしろ! ただ言っているだけだと みんな飢え死にしてしまうのだ。 ホームレスが増えている、自分には関係ないだろうけど、大きな問題です。  もっと自分の国のことを考えてほしい。

とまあ ちょっと熱く語ってしまいました。 後4日で2009年。 ゆっくりと行きましょう。

Merry X'mas to you all.

Wish you have a very wonderful Merry X'mas to my friends and to all of people who live in this planet. I have to spend X'mas with my doggy, Happy together and no dinner or no gift or anything. But I got a couple emails and calls from my friends make me so happy to have peaceful time.

Since I moved the current place with my partner, I have not had any X'mas celebration or stuff with my hubby or friends but I spent a couple hours with my nieces in my home town this time. Because I had to go to check my back with MRI at a general hospital. Luckily, No damage of my cervical vertebrae after falling down from staires 10 days ago.

I spent many fun and nice X'mas with my friends in the US and Singapore before.
My best friends invited me to have home parties in the US and I used to take a walk with my best friend in Singapore during X'mas month before.
I still remember many views in my mind and laughing voices etc.

I wish I could have laugh with my --.

anyway, Happy holiday season and Merry X'mas to you all.

When I was kids, my parents worked very hard and my mom always bought a tiny X'mas cake for 6 family memebers in our house. Then mom put some X'mas gift on my pillow area when we were sleeping. I and my sister still remeber those days a lot. I wish I could have peaceful X'mas to all people those who live in this planet as well as animals.

第638回「花」 cyclamen





When X'mas comes, we always can see "cyclamen "here and there. It is beatufiul flower to feel X'mas will be coming soon. I do not remember whether cyclamen is for X'mas season or not.

Some one help this world!

Since Oct.24,2008, we have very seriouse recession in the world including Japan. I guess this would be worse than ever I have experienced before. I wanted to know how the US gone through from the financial panic of 1929 as well as our financial panic in Japan. My hubby told me that there was some policies to get out from that period, it was public infrastructure investment.
I guess this would be one best way to get out from this worst situation in Japan and other countries. Homeless has been increcasing in Japan now which I was used to see in the US in 1986-1989 in the US when I was visited and lived. It is very unhealthy country now in Japan and we would like our PM and government do something for Japan!

Finally made it!

I finallly sent my X'mas card to my friend in Santa Barbara! I still have to send a couple more and I should do it within this week.

When X'mas season comes, I often remember the days and area where I was in past.
I miss those days myself and I know the time would have never come back again.

I also sent my X'mas card to NY where my friend lives and we used to work together before.
I still recall the day when we talked about life and the cycle of reincarnation together. I,my co-worker and Mr. R. were sitting in the hotel lobby in Milano and we talked a lot about marketing and products and then, life together. Even we had a long day after Exb.

I went to NY to attend an EXB. and talked to him one day and then I flew to South America etc.
He explained me and gave me a lot of information and knowledges about marketing to me and recently, he also gave me his consultation when I got offered from a firm in overseas.

When we visited NY during our staying in Dallas, he offered his house in NY to stay and I really appreicated his thoughtful way and attitude which I have never ever forget his kindness.
I have not met him so many years now but I still know what kind of people he is and he is a very thoughtful and kind person whom I feel even now.

I just say, I am a lucky person and many great friends are around me in this world and whenever I would go, friends will be around! So I keep doing same thing to youth or teach to my nieces how important thing in our life etc.

How I really lucky person who I am! They are my life time friends!

My X'mas memories in the US! 2

When I visited the US during X'mas time, it was after Honolulu Marathon in Dec. and flew to Ca. I had spent with my friends in CA during X'mas and visited Vegas etc.

Next one was that I was staying with my host family who lives in Santa Barbara and they still send their X'mas card every year. They are marvelous couple who accepted me to stay at their home there. My girfriend who was used to stay with them and then she introduced me to them.
So I decided to fly to the US to get to know more about the US. It was X'mas time and the wife brought me to a place who gave food service for homeless or people who had trouble for food.
We serived until midnight as a volanteer work and came home. I still remember the day and things what I had done very clearly. There was a beautiful X'mas tree in their home and many small tiny apples were decorated on the branches instead of things which we can see fancy decorations. I had a great days with them for a few days during X'mas time.

Another one was in Utha and I visited one of English teacher's house with my friends who was
studying English together. We ate and talked a lot.

Then, next year was in AZ. I was introduced a friend whom I may say, she is one of my best friends in this world and she invited me to have their X'mas dinner with their friendsin Phenix.

A few years later, I again visited their new house in Washington and we had a very fun party with their friends! At that time, I met one gentlman in her house and I still contact him even I have not seen him so many many years.

I also spent X'mas day with my best friends who moved to Florida,too. I followed her wherever she moved to states to another states and she always welecomed me to stay with.

The last day of X'mas in the US was in Dallas and we just went eat out and drove area where many X'mas illuminations were decorated around houses.

I love X'mas time in the US because somehow that is my long life dream to be in and visit the country where I like and where I dream to live or stay. I still do not give up this dream.

Since we moved to this current place, sigh------.
Only my best friends called me either send their nice X'mas cards either emails to me to give me a Merry X'mas greeting. I wish I could spend a great time being with my nieces!

My X'mas memories in the US !

Don't we have any good news in this world?

Since Oct.24, we have been having financal and economic crisis in this world. Well, started from the US, actually. Whenever I take a look into news papers or TIME or any---, I would not be able to see good news or fun news even tiny one! Even we, in Japan, have recession and there are many people lay off or cut their salary or no position to get into Job market for students who will graduate from next year. I had experienced Asian crisis 199? and recession in the US around 1989-1990 but not similar as this time. It is worse now. How we would get back to be normal or better than today? sigh!

Well, I only found one good news from Sweden, Yes, Noble prize celemony was held yesterday and 4 Japanese got and they gave their speech. They are not snobbish at all and they feel full of respect their team as well as toward their mentors instead of talking about themselves.

I admire them a lot as Japanese. I do hope Peaceful world will be waited for has for our next generation.







xxxx腕時計は毎日しています。 海外出張が多かった私にとって 時計はとても大切なTOOLでした。 時差があるところから飛行機で時差のあるところに飛ぶ。 フライトの時間や ミーティングの時間を間違えたら大事。 だからずっとずっと時計はしています。 それもたった一つの大切な私の時計。 タグホイヤー! もう15年以上使ってます。 オーバーホールはしてもらってますが。

I really do care time when I used to travel in the world. So I have never ever taken my watch off from my wrist in past and now. When I had to travel one country to another country, there is time differences and I must follow real time and attend exact time to be attending our meetings.

One day, I mistook real time and when I arrived the air port, it was almost clossed the checking and then I was a member of the air company and I made it to fly to next country.

My heart was beating when I got to know I missunderstood the real time! That was my first time and last time. I always tried to arrive any airport 3 hours before gate open even C class seats.
I have only one watch, Tag Heuer and using for over 15 years now.

X'mas season came

Now already December and I should make X'mas cards to send my friends in the US and Europe etc. However, I have not done anything so far because----. Just full of tasks in my mind and hands. Since last year, most of my friends in overseas sent season's greeting by E-card and I would do it from this year myself, too. However, I would like to send a few X'mas card by post to the US because they always send their cards to me and I also would like to send my hand writting cards to them. Just a matter of their ways.

Every year, I receive one X'mas letter from Santa Barbara where I had spent a few days when I went to the US as my 1st time. I could not speak English and my girlfriend introduced me to them. They are my parent's age and I still recall many things when I stayed at their house in Dec.
They were so gentle and kind couple whom I learned so many things even short stay. They also paid visiting my parent's house many many years ago.

They are still very active and they write all year's happenings to be written on their letter and send to their friends during X'mas period.
I have been receiving for more than 20 years now and I wish I could have visited them when we were in Dallas.

I miss them a lot and Santa Barbara. I know now it is completely changed compare to 24 years ago.

So X'mas season has already come and wish you to have peaceful and lovely month for all of my friends and for people in this world.


いろんな夢を持って 海外に飛び込んだ若い頃、やはりB型だわとよく言われた私です。
I had a lot of dreams when I was working and visited so many countries as my biz trip let me open my eyes to know the real world.




-天気予報コム- -FC2-