This is my sky

I have been quite busy since I arrived in my home town because I also want to meet my friends whom I have not met so long as well as I have to help my parent's shopping etc.

やはり福井は良いわ。 のんびりもできないけどね。 友人に会ったり、仕事の打ち合わせや、両親の手伝いなどなど。 のんびりテレビを見る? それもできないなあ。 でも忙しい方が私にあっている。
また頑張って仕事したいなあ。 夢を追いながら、またいつか海外で仕事できるかな。!
いや したいです。 だってそれが私のもち続けている夢です。 

Watching CNN news

I have just arrived in Fukui Pref. where I was born,raised up and worked until the year of 2001!
I was out of town for 4 years during University period in Tokyo.

Yes, it is my lovely home town and visit my parent's house to check up my regular health tomorrow.

Whenever I come to Fukui, I try to keep watching CNN news on TV and this is what I was used to watch most of days in past many years in overseas either in Japan except my current place where I live because no cable line.

I miss watching CNN and English TV a lot. As a results of fact, I really wanted to watch and listen English program whenever I would have any possiblity to watch.

Most of contents from CNN today, Economy crisis in the world!
There are many good things in our life but also many unreasonable things in our life, too. So we have to overcome each and then know how to survive and know how to live, know how to make our own biz etc.

So switched to another channel, Discovery Channel which I also love to watch the program and I used to watch it when I lived in the US a lot, yes, A lot! One of my favorite programes.
Having own dream to keep our life goes on because our life is short.
I also have to follow what above words.

Heavy snow !

Last weekend, we got very heavy snow over here in NOTO peninsula and seemed that we got around 40 cm deep snow over one night. So this means that all trafic systems were just meesed up and as well people just could not move around because of heavy snow. According to a newspaper, they have not had such deep snow for 8 years. I am sure this would be coming from the warm earth environment!

Many cars jus stuck up in the middle or each roads and they just did not know what they could get out from. I just kept waiting until they came out from the place. I used to bring up the area where we were used to have heavy snow and I know how to drive very carefully and I know how to drive on such roads. Anyway, all the worst weather has been gone somewhere and people now trying to get into the normal life as much as they can.

we had to dig out our car from the snow!
heavy snow
Our doggy played on the snow!
happy with snow
You know how's weather and snow like last weekend!
I could not bring our camera out to shoot so that was reason I only took a couple photos from window myself.
from the window

Working hard

Our friend's doggy, Zero and Wan Taku Fukyu ban
Zero kun and Wan Taku

Our doggy, Happy and Wan Taku Shitunai ban
Happy to Wan Taku

I have been doing marketing and sales for our developed products as well as other products for Japan market myself since 2006.

Since we have moved to my partner's home town, we have been making own biz ourselves and also looking for very exclusive products from this area to sell through our HP and through our blogs etc.

Of Course, I kept making presentations for our developed products in our local government office, to medias and many places to introduce. After making a couple represetnations, we got an award what we called the excellent products of Ishikawa Pref. and our “Wan Taku” gone through to be evaluated by Kanazawe Univ. in Ishikawa Pref. It is for local goverment award but it was better to have some reputation than to have nothing.

Yes, it is very different products' lines which I was used to work for before and
everything seemed to me was new and different world compare to my previous work. But I love doing sales, marketing and PR for any products.

My hubby has been taking care of takes HP making so on because he used to be an engineer relating for foreign IT firm before.

I have been working hard to promote our products to outside from using medias or presentations or creating own idea of marketings etc. It has not been easy to do anything because we are just new comer for pet lines. So developing this products was needed 2 years and launching them for ?? years?

I also found it is very different world and people whom I used to work before. Because I used to work for an international market and people in different countries. It was tough but most of my clients can clear answer or idea to me when we negotiated our biz before, not like people in Japan who just would give me fuzzy answers etc made me very confused as beginning and even I am also Japanese.

When I brought our samples to show retailers, mostly they just rejected because many of retailers want to deal small doggies products rather than our products which would be for middle and large size of doggies. I realized through visiting and marketing that good pet shops would be depending upon staff or owners and this is my opinion through my experiences.

Our 1st developed product was " Wan Taku" which is for adjustable doggies food stands.
The reason we decided to develop and make this product was from our doggy, Happy's weak joint problem and we also found many senior doggies are hardly to eat their food on the floor because their muscle would be weaken and weaken when they get old, just same like human beings.

I also found that it was pet boom when we came back from the US and I could not believe how much or many products were floating or abundant of pet products in Japan. However, we could not find any suitable doggy food stands for our doggy, Happy at all 3 years ago. Of course, I was searching products in the US or Europe through internet, too.

Any biz would not be easy for starting and I have been facing a lot of difficulties myself, too. So I made up myself to study about animals care through correspondence course and went to Nagoya for the schooling and took exam. My knowledge for animals are not enough and there are so many things I have to study and know.

well, slowly and whenever any questions come up, I attempt to look for some answers from an internet.

Well, in past 3 years, we have been having very tough period and 2009 will be. But I will never ever give up and find out the way what I can do and I should do to trace my dreams.

all written in Japanese, sorry

Today is the day for changing!

The US will be changed today by the 44th of new president of the US.
I have been reading the latest TIME one and last week one since two days ago. It is interesting articles on both magazines. Of course, most of articles were about the Mr. OBAMA and also about war in the middle east etc.
from BBC

I was looking into an article about Mr. BUSH's comment and when I was reading, I felt so many ??? and what he left for the US? the article mentioned that he had done his best when hurricane, Katrina hit to the US. What about war in Iraq? and what about this seriouse recession?
There is almost nothing to write his comments.

I expect to see something better action by new president of the US from now on.
Two big issues are waiting for him to sort out, one is war and another is how to bring better economy in the US! I am sure he has already had many good and smart brains.

yes, we can. It's gonna like a big festival in the US today! This means that all nations are expecting him to have a good job! Too much expection would be also scared.

今日はアメリカの第44代大統領の就任式で アメリカワシントンはお祭り騒ぎだ。 警備もすごいとか。 TIMEの雑誌が昨日着いたので早速見たら、やはりパレードのルートや就任式のアウトラインが書かれていた。 アメリカ国民がオバマ氏に期待するからだろうか。ブッシュ政権の就任式にはこんなに人が集まったのだろうか?  TIMEにはブッシュさんが大統領を去る前のコメントなどが書かれていたが、読んでも読んでも頭の中に入って来ない! なんだか言い訳のようなコメント!
自分が頑張ったことーーハリケーンカトリーナーがアメリカ本土を襲った時に、迅速に対応したことはわかったけど、あとイラクの戦争のことや、経済危機のことについてはほとんど書いてあることが理解できなかった。 私の勉強不足なのか、全く興味がないのか?

でもオバマ氏の期待度は大きすぎると思う。 戦争、と経済危機に直面しているアメリカを迅速に立て直す。 それができるのかどうか? 公約で終わってしまうのだろうか?

ヒラリー国防長官がいるから、今までのライズ長官とはちと違うだろう。 いや違ってほしい。対話重視そしていろんな方向から問題を解決してほしい。 クリントン氏もきっと大きな支えになるだろうなああ。 すごい夫婦だわ。

オバマ氏の奥様も弁護士だしね。 パートナーも大きな力を発揮すると思う。


Isn't it a wonderful to receive a great news?

I today received an email from Tampa, FL with photo album for her daughter's wedding which was held recently.
She was so beautiful bride whom I had know her since she was a kid!
Yes, her mom is my best friend whom I got to know when I lived in AZ many years ago.

I was a student and studying in PHX at that time. I was introduced her by another Japanese friend and since then, I had visited her house whenever they moved to.

We went to ski together, drove to Canada or NY city by their car, ate together, visited many places or friends houses together so on and so on. She has been very kind to me like my elder sister and I visited her house in Tampa when we were living in Dallas and she also was visiting our apartment in Dallas,too. It was my last time to see her, it means that I have not seen her so many years now. more than 6years now?? but still contact her by emails!

I miss her to play tennis, golf and jog! She is a very good athlete who I always was beaten by her when we played tennis.

So I still feel very closed to her even I live in Japan and I would love to meet her and play tennis again if it would be possible.

Anyway, I was looking at whole photos today and all memories came up to my mind.

Thanks, Sue san!

Telephone call from Jakarta!

I got a call from Jakarta tonight. yes, it was from my best friend, Mr. Kenneth san whom I was used to deal with his firm so many years before when I worked for a firm.

He often calls either email me how I am doing and to cheer me up! I am very pleased to receive his phone and his kindness toward me even I left the firm for more than 8 years now.

He is a person whom I had talked and discussed about so many things about biz, life and friends!
Of course, I know his family and wife, too as well as his elder brother whom I called him "big boss".

After so many years since I left the optical line, he still remembers me and worries about me! I really appreicate how he treats me even we are apart from each other.

I miss him, his family, bis with his firm and also Indonesia a lot!!

ということで 今日の夕方、インドネシアのジャカルタから HAPPY NEW YEARと 元気?の電話があった。 久しぶりの会話かな。 でも半年前に電話貰ったりしているし、メールも昨年の暮れや念頭にも貰った! 

スハルト政権の時には彼からいろんな事を学んだ。 以前は華僑であってもインドネシアの名前しか使えなかったり、賄賂も当たり前! 当時オーストラリア人だったろうか、インドネシアの実態を書いた本が出版され、それを彼からもらって読んだ事もある。インドネシアでは絶版になっていたけど。


彼を通じて、そして私を通じてお互いに世界中に交流ができたのも確かだし。 本当に縁は大切にしたいものだ。 一昨年心臓のバイバスオペを彼はしているので、心配だが、今日の電話では相変わらず仕事している彼。 仕事が一番の薬だとか言っていた。 

元気でいてほしい! そして私も元気でいなくちゃ。 

I miss my traveling!

You know what? I have been missing my traveling and previous job a lot! I used to travel every other month in a year and meet many my clients every country. I still remember the days when my heactic jobs of traveling. I had got so tired traveling when I worked for the firm before and I just kept traveling myself in the world. Sometime I just took a big breath in and out at any air port whenever I had to wait for next freight to another country. It was hard for me to travel with huge luggages and sample bag, how I could go to a ladies room even quite unsafe places. So my mind got always tense and stress because I was alone and I was not able to ask anyone to watch my stuff for a while etc.

I had to prepare my biz trips for 3 weeks ahead myself such as making my itinerary including visa applys, making some documents and sales histories so on alone.

Then I made my biz trip for 6-7 countries alone each made me so hard but I kept doing for 15 years. Whenever I touched my feets at a different country, I felt how and where my life would be going from now on?? How long I had to continue traveling or I had to keep it for good if the firm would be fired me??

I had got chest pain a couple times when I reached the hotel in Manila or Turkey before and I know it was from my overwork. However, I had to make better sales and marketings alone in each country in Europe, Asia, Middle east, S.America so on. Because I know I could do something better than men and could challange developing our marketing and sales in the world for the firm.

I had a kind of never content aginst men when I used to work in the world. I need to have such spirit or will now myself!!

I know such spirit have been fading off slowly since I moved to the country side but I remind myself that I do not want to lose my motivation to work and live!! Because many of my friends in the overseas have been working hard and set up own goal for own and their own firms.

Never give up ! Just look ahead in front! This is wha my mentor was used to teach me when I worked for him during my 20's years old period before.

Well, I am a kind of person whom I love to meet up many people and work together!

No good and no more war!

Since the war in the middle east started, I feel it has been getting worse and worse even UN anounced a cease-fire resolution to both countries. Now Lebanon also takes part in the fighting.
I know the Beirut because I was there once many years ago and I also saw the traces after many wars or battles there. I saw many bullets or bomb traces there through my own eyes.

Eyes on eyes! Well, we have to think about human beings, children those who are just innocents people.

If people want to fight, they should find other way instead of.

ガザとイスラエル そして今はレバノンからの砲撃が始まった中東情勢。 犠牲者は市民。 
新兵器対昔の兵器との戦い。 どうなるかはわかるはず。 どうしてもっと国連や世界が声を出して
ハマス側も 目には目ではなく もっと自分たちの利益のために力を注いでほしい。 子供たちの平和、 生活の安定など やはり優れたリーダーがいないからだろうか。 闘っている人はただ憎しみだけで あとのことは何も考えられない。 それが子供たちへ"レフレクト"される。 

仕事や農業、教育を最優先! 戦争なんて何の利益も無い。 無駄な血が流れるだけだ。
戦争の爪あとを見てきた私、 きっと私の年代や 戦争を知らない、日本の若い人たちは信じられないような悲劇の痕。  知らなくても良い戦争! しなくても良い戦争! でも現実に今、たくさんの人が血にまみれ 恐怖におびえているのが現実。 これだけ世界がIT化やいろんな事に力を入れているのに、戦争だけは 武器だけは未だになくならない。 


Great points to survive

I was reading web Nikkei news and I found this would be great points or tips for any firms!
sorry written in all Japanese execpt 7 points. from Sony CEO, MR. Stringer's words.

(1)融合商品を育てなさい(Embrace the Fusion)
(2)サービスを重視する哲学を実践しなさい(Service enhanced philosophy)
(3)商品は多機能でありたい(Be Multi-Functional)
(4)オープン・テクノロジーを支援しよう(Support open technologies)
(5)体験を共有できる先進性を狙う(Advance the shared experience)
(6)新たな付加価値サイクルを見つけよう(Create new value chains)
(7)環境に優しい(Go Green)

I also must consider above from now on to work my own!
It is recession period in Japan but no one can help because eveyone has very tough time,but
I learned from my previouse work myself, we also have to share many things or help each other if we would face difficutlties! So as I did it with many my clients before. I guess many oversea Chinese would do this way so they have very tight communities in any places in the world.

Let's share many idea or thoughts for earth and for human beings to survive.

We can not life by ourselves. We must help each other!

Stop the bloody war!

I hate to watch TV from the war battle areas. It is very complicated and sensetive areas which have been fighting so many days and so so many years. You know what? just many innocents citizens and people die without prepartion and without any meaning. Is it right for anyone to take people's life freely out?
I was traveling the middle east areas a lot before and I could not manage to visit Israel because most of Arabic countries do not have diplomatic relations with the country. So once I get stampls from Israel, I was not be able to enter Arabic countries. I do not know which Arabic country does diplomatic relations with Israel now. However, I met my clients from whole worlds in Milano either France every year before and I had introduced my client from Israel to other clients!

Anyway, just can not stand to see such bloody war and whole world must unite to let them stop!
We have to learn from our history and I thought we have arleady known enough. But not.





味噌の中に 白菜の刻んだものとかぶらの薄く切ったものを入れて、焼いたお持ちを入れてたべました。(実家で)
母の味です。 だからお味噌仕立てのお雑煮が大好きです。

what's your New year's resolution?

2009 has been just started and I went to a shrine with my mom on 1st of Jan.2009 midnight together. I have not done so many years with my mom and I felt somehow relieved myself to do it this time. When I left for the US in 1989, she and my relatives went to see me off to Komatsu air port and I was complicated feeling to walk into an air plain behind of them.
But I guess I was young and my mind was already in the US even I could not speak English almost at all. I appreicated my parents a lot to accept my long journey alone and I know I would have had different life and might not have seen the world if I did not go at that time.

So what about my new year's resolution's story? I made 2!
1 should be my better health than 2008 myself and another one would be a secret at this moment(sorry)! if I would have any chance to find an opportunity, I will write it.

My 20's years period, I had so many things to know and wanted to do.
It was kind of an energetic person myself.

My 30's years period, I had to fight a male-dominated society and got confident after working 15 years at an international sales and marketing filed.

My 40's years period, I had up down life. so now I have very hard period but I trust I would be able to manage myself because I have a dream myself which I made it recently!

Life is not easy but I have to face many things! The life goes one.

Well, I still remember the TV program, "Life goes on" . I was watching it when I was 29 years old in the US. It was 30 minitues program and the leading actor that TV program was a boy who is a child with Down syndrome. But he was very hard work to role the star on the program and I used to watch it often. It made me think and think about the real life. It was great program for me to rethink about who I was and what I was doing.

Well, so many stories wrote today and just write whatever something comes up in my mind.

新年の決意について書こうと思ったのですが、頭の中にいろんな事が浮かんできて ばたばたの文章になってしまった。 でも書いているうちに 私が最初に渡米した時に見ていたテレビ番組が何故か頭の中に浮かんできました。 タイトルは LIFE GOES ON という 30分番組で、当時ものすごく感動というか びっくりしたのは 主役の俳優さんが子供で、ダウン症。 でも30分の間に一つのストーリが完結していき、本当に感動しながら見ていたテレビ番組!

俳優の番組で呼ばれていた名前は確か コルキー君。 本当の名前は覚えてませんが。
でも 20年経った今でも覚えている私。 他にCHEERSというテレビも必死で見ていたのですーーー。
要はテレビを見ながら英語を聞いて 必死で英語に慣れようとしていたというか 昼は学校で、夜はテレビ以外に何をして良いかわからなかった時代です。 

Cheering Japanese youth up!

Since the worst recession has been touched to Japan from the US, many youth lost their part time jobs or jobs.

I also could not get stable job after graduated University and it was 28 years ago. So I changed many different part time jobs and then started working for a trading firm but I also worked part time job after work to earn enough money to suverive. Yes, it was very tough time but I tried to find something interesting work myself. I am sure many people faced hard time and tough period but we have to be gone through and also meet a lot of people whom you get good advice so on. I also met a couple great mentors during hard time and then started tracing my dream to go to the US to see the world when I was 29 years old. I did not think about my job or concerned my job after returning.

What I want to say to Japanese youth, you can do it when you have own dream and no one can disturve your dream or your possiblities. Do not give up!!

Meeting different people or work for different people or firms so that you will find something for your own interests or work.

Even your parent's can not let you walk their own ideal road. You are the person you have to make up your mind yourself. No one can controle you! Of course, you need to receive some advices or idea from many people to think.

Yes, you can and please look at the world!!

2009 has come!

A happy New Year to you all and how is your new year's resolution? Mine is to be an independent woman and I will concentrate my work !! I know 2009 will be tough year but my mentally would be better and stronger than 2008 because so many friends and DR. gave me very good advices.

Since end of Dec. 2008 until tomorrow, I have been staying with my parents in my home town because I wanted to help them to clean their house.

My hubby accepted because he would be able to understand how my parents's health and abilities. Then asked mother in law and she told me that I am a lack of common sense woman and she also told me I am a wondering wife who does not work anything with her angry face.

She apologized what she told me later on but too late to accept. People would be easily get hurt if wrong words would be used without any thoughts and I have been receiving many such cold words from her since. Should I put up myself even I keep working hard and many things I have been doing here.

Am I wrong? I told her that I want to help them to clean up their house because I have not done for many years.

I do not think I can follow her way and thought because I brought up different way.

Anyway, I spent my new year with my mother and we walked to the shrine even she is hardly to walk because of her back and legs problems. She took a walk with a limp. Well, I wanted her to go because I am not sure whether she would be able to take a walk next year or not. So we did it under snowing night. I prayed I will be a strong person and make better year than 2008 and get well my health!

I rememebered many new years in the US and I had a couple new year with one of my best friends, Suesan and her family in PHX, Seattle, LA, New Jersey and Tampa. I still rememeber each party and how I spent with.

Well, I expeirenced new year with my parents in 2009 after so many years inerval and I felt confident to be and what I did it.

Thanks to my dearest friends and also thanks to my parents!

Happy new year to all and wish you bring happiness and prosperous year!
I also want to convey my warmest regards to ladies at Richardson woman's center!

Happiness comes from my heart and I will believe this in 2009.


いろんな夢を持って 海外に飛び込んだ若い頃、やはりB型だわとよく言われた私です。
I had a lot of dreams when I was working and visited so many countries as my biz trip let me open my eyes to know the real world.




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