I love to talk!

Well, another one day to go and then March will be come. I feel the month of Feb. would past very quickly and now almost March. Yes, Spring but it is still cold over here.

Since I moved to the current place, I have been feeling kind of lonely myself.

I used to see a lot of people in the world and meet up my friends very often. So I miss those days and I wish I could see or meet friends or people often and to talk!

When I was in the US, I made up a lot of friends to play tennis and also studied together.
When I was traveling in the world, I had a lot of clients to deal with and met a lot of people during Milano and Silmo( France) Exbs.for 15 years before.

So it is kind of very strange and put up myself a lot, bring me high stress and make me feel loneliness myself.

This is not my favorite way. How I am going to do? I have to be more active and bring my previouse charactor back to myself. So I would make my life somehow different way rather than doing nothing.

Change myself and Change my way of thinking! Life is short and my time is limited.

No one can controle me and my time.!
Tomorrow will be my new day!

How suprised to watch about TV program of Singapore

I was watching TV the other day and the title was how fast developing city of Singapore.
When I visited Singapore, it was 1991, I can feel and explain how different Singapore between 1991 and 2007. Because my last trip to Singapore was 2007. I could not imagine the areas where there were parks and greens till recently but now all concrete jungles there instead of.

When I used to go on my biz trip to Asia, Singapore was my tranjet country and I also visited there as my biz trip. So I can not count how many times I visited Singapore until 2007 myself.

I used to book my accomodation at a Marina Squre before because next the hotel, there was a big park where I often went to jog after biz meetings. I still remember the park and my days when I was jogging after long biz meetings.

Now all of places got manmade land and buit many tall buildings. So I could not see the green most of places during my last trip and the habitants also now around 6 M people compare to 3 M before.
How grow fast and quickly the country ahead of nations. Because they have to know how to survive themselves without any natural resorces.

I also brought my parents, sister and my nieces to Singapore many years ago and my parents still remember the great time in Singapore with my best friends.

So Singapore is something my closed country, like the country knows about my life and history.


I had been to NY for a couple times before and I know both view before 911 and after 911.
Before 911, my best friend, Sue's family brought me to NY by their car from NJ where they used to live in before. We drove to the area where the those attacked buildings were there and we also took a boat to go to the Statue of Liberty and we could enter inside at that time.
There was a museum inside and I still remember how look like and how was like.

NY things to see and go

Well, when we were living in Dallas,(after 911) my hubby wanted to go to NY.
We made up our mind to visit NY before ThanksGiving holidays. Most of hotels were fully booked and we could not find any accomodations at all. Then I asked my friend whom I used to work together before and he was very kind to offer his 2nd house to us.
So we stayed at his house for whole trips and we took MRT or walked around NY city. It was freezing time at the temparature was -3C.

I again brought a yellowed guild book for NY and followed a couple places where we should have seen and my friend left many information to us so that was a reason we made a smooth and great trip in NY city.

We went to see Grand Central Terminal and we had a dinner at the famouse Oyster bar in it. It was very delicious oyster dishes. The reason we decided to go there because I used to watch Japanese morning news in Japan and they often introduced the place as well as NY guide book also showed the place.

Then, we took a long walk to the Central park and kept walking around the place for a couple hours. Yes, NY is the place we should walk a lot to see many things and it is also very convenience to use MRT. We went to China town, Italian Town and what else?? I guess most of places where we had to see were made for 3 days trip.

During night time, we went to Time's squre to walk around and we saw so many illuminations from buildings to buildings.
in front of MRT
in front of museum

ニューヨークって とても刺激があって,いつも躍動的に動いている場所!
そんなNYに、私は数回行っている。 あの911の前には 親友の家族と一緒に車でNYを訪れた。

それがあの911でーーー。 亡くなられた方々のご冥福をお祈りいたしいます。

ダラス在住時には 11月末に急遽NY旅行を決めた。 感謝祭時にはホテルなんて一杯だろう。
そして高い時期だ。  私が以前働いていた企業で、アメリカ担当の同僚がNYに住んでいたので、彼にいろんなところを紹介してもらおうとメールしたら、なんと彼のNYのおうちを私たちに
オファーしてくれた。  感激と感謝で一杯だった。 絶対に見つけれないだろうホテル。
彼のおうちはNYのど真ん中にあり、そこからMRTの駅までも近いし、どこに行くにも便利。 さすがNYカーであり ビジネスには最高に好い場所!

そこで自炊しながら私たちは 3日間NYを探索。  とまあ 私は何度目だろうか? でもパートナーは初めてだったので、ガイドブックに書いてあるところをくまなく回った。 というか歩いた私たち。

以前NYには仕事でも来ている私。 その時には展示会などですごく忙しく、NYには仕事のみだったので、最後のNYの旅で、頑張ってあちこち見て歩いた。



Thanks Richard san!

My good memories in NO

When we were in Dallas, we drove away to New Orleans once by a rent car.
It was around 2500 km long distance round trip driving for us. Of course, we drive alternatively and one person had to check a map and motels so on. It was the day in 2003 and I had a lot of ogreat memories there.
I love Jazz and Dixieland (jazz) very much since I was 20's!!

We drove in the middle of night from dallas to NO and I do not remember exactly how many hours we drove. We stayed at a motel border between TX and NO at first and then woke up early morning to ahead to NO!
I had never driven on the road which was constlucted in swamp. I felt a bit scared to drive on the road! We got an accomodation in the down town which we could not get a better location because near Mardi Gras festival at that time.

Mardi Gras

We arrived at NO afternoon time and we took a walk to Frenchquarter which is very famouse place in the down town of NO. Well, it was not really safe to take a walk during night time even how many people together.

I enjoyed street jazz music and see a lot of amature musicins here and there.

We also enjoyed their special food what they call, "Gambo" and we found a nice restaurant there. Of course, we had to quere a long line to get in.

After ate our dinner, we kept walking a street to a street to listen jazz music.
I found one place where a great sounds were hearing . I stopped in front of the place and could not move for a while. Because their music was touched my soul and body!

Then, I asked a trampeter to take a photo with me!


New Orleans




with trampetor

I do hope NO will be like same as before after awful Katrina! When I saw the damages of NO, I was very sad and just prayed GOD to help people!

懐かしい写真を見ていました。 ダラスにいた頃に、絶対に行きたかったニューオリンズ。

テキサスはとってもでかいので、行けども行けどもテキサス! さすがでかさを感じました。
そしてNOとの境界だっただろうか? モーテルを探しておいたので、
午後にNOのホテルにやっと到着。 いったい何時間運転したんだろう?

ホテルに着いてしばらく休憩。 ホテルはちょうどマルディーグラーのお祭りの近くで、
でもやはりダウンタウンは怖い。 ダラスとはかなり違うなあという感想。


探していた私。 結構面白いし、読んでいるだけでも楽しい本だ。

ランチはその本に書いてあるところに入った。 夕食も同様。

ザリガニ?最初は えええええ?の世界だったけど、
やはりその土地に入ったら食べてみなくちゃ。 おいしかった!!



トランペッターの方にお願いして写真を撮った。 記念かな。

NO やはり音楽を聴かなくちゃ!


でも私たちが行ったところは直撃。 本当に辛い日々だった。

NO 私の大好きな町!

10th of Feb.

10th of Feb. should be the election of Israel and I do hope new reader would be able to manage peace process with Gaza.
Bloody fighting would be never ever sorted out peace process and world. We should repeat same history and we should not repeate same haterate any more.

I saw CNN news yesterday and Palestine Dr, lost his 2 kids and one daugther got seriouse injured. He is the person who always helps Israel and Palestine people no matter who they are. He treats both nation equally and now he lost his family by Israel bomb but he told on TV he will keep insists telling Peace from now on.

War would not be given anything to human being and our world except haterate.

Bushfire in Australia

I was watching CNN with regards to big bushfire in south Australia. I know where it is because I had visited there a couple time when I worked for a firm many years ago.
So I worry about people who live there as well do hope not to spread out any more.

It is from the earth warmness and it is over 46C tempareture that should be sky over from human being body temparture.

We must think about earth enviroment to avoid having such nature disasters.

I pray for not to spread these bushfire wider.

My favorite place in Dallas

Today I am writing about the place where I used to go when we were living in Dallas.

The name of place is “Richardson Woman’s center”. It is located in Richardson
where I also live near by.
I guess Richardson would be one of county or city’s name??

I forgot my apartment address but I still remember all of views around the area.

The reason I started going to the center was that I was so lonely when I arrived
in Dallas and my hubby does not know any thing about except his office either job.
So I had to find my filed and explore myself instead of just staying in the apartment.

I started looking for many places through Dallas morning news paper but also
some town free news paper. I guess I found it from town free news paper
and visited the Woman’s center alone after received my driver license.

First of all, I had no idea what kind of place was and I felt somehow unsure
and a bit worried about.

Well, I knocked the door and Mary welcomed me the house which I remember!
I tried to explain the reason I came to the place and a couple ladies
also gave me very kind words and welcomed me together!

At that time, my English was still poor and I wanted to be in native speakers
instead of Japanese communities.

Then, I started going to the center every Wednesday. And then Monday, too
whenever I had free time beside of going to a community collages.
I like being busy life and I wanted to involve something beside of studying English.
They made writing class when I was there and
I joined the class to keep up my English skill.

Yes, it was tough to be but I enjoyed talking and thinking what
any subjects were given to me.
I wrote about my working history, friends, Japanese old story and proverbs etc
and spoke to them. I also learned so many things from girls writing and
stories which I would have never understood if I were not involved the class.

I guess that was a right place for me to be and enjoyed having many different classes
and programs.

One day, my beloved niece was very sick and I had to fly over to Japan to see her.
I remember everyone prayed for me and cheered me up.

So I made a short trip to Japan to see her and prayed her to get well.
1 month after my visiting, she was brought by an angel to the heaven.
At that time, all of girls at Woman’s center prayed me and my beloved niece
which I will never ever forget about.
How kind and how warm girls around me and I gave my thanks to GOD.

Girls whom I met there, are my great friends and like my family!
I felt much comfortable to be being around girls.

Even 5 years later in Japan, they still write to me how I am doing and I really
want to visit Dallas again if it would be possible.

As a matter of fact, the US is like my 2nd home country and my dream
since I was 20’s, was to live in the US. Well, my dream could not be made
but still I do not want to give up!

I love to visit the US because I love the country and I got so many great friends there.
I will keep tracing my dream!!
X'mas tea time!

Xmas tea time
we made short trip to grapevine area.
Short trip together
with my freinds.

My favorite flower, Blue bonnet( TX state's flower)
When we had to leave for Japan, they gave me a great farewell party for me.
I touched all of girls love and I am very a lucky person whom I met all girls there.
to me

何故かダラスの思い出がふと昨夜、頭の中を横切った。 友人からメールが来て返事を出そうと思っていたからだろうな。

ダラスの思い出、 アパートの近くにリチャードソンウイメンズセンターというところをフリーペーパーで見つけ、車の免許を書き換えた後に、自力で行った。 何も知らないまま、小さな家を見て、ここが?
大丈夫かな? 何だろういったいこのセンターはと思いながらドアをノックしたわたし。

中から女性がでてきて、何か?? 私はダラスに来ていろんなことを学びたいし、地域の方とふれあいたいのですがーーー。と言うと、笑顔で中に通してくれた。 小さな木のおうちでした。 でも中はおしゃれなパッチワークや飾りがさりげなく飾られていて、 その日はメアリーが迎えてくれた。
そしていろんな事を聞き、そこでゆっくり女性のセンターのプログラムなどを知った。 毎週水曜日の午前中にいろんなプログラムを開催しているから自由に来て下さいって! 

日本人のコミュニティーにいると現地のことがわからないので、なるべく現地の人たちの中に飛び込んで行った私。 私以外はみんなネイティブのスピーカーです。 だから私にとっては最高の英語の勉強場所と、そしていろんなことを知ることができる最高の場所だった。

水曜日に行き始め、時々英語を教えてくれたり、 それからしばらくしてWRITINGクラスが始まったので、そのプログラムにも参加し始めたわたし。 やはりネイティブについていくには大変だったけど、楽しかった。 自分の生い立ちや、歴史、そして感じたことなどを時間を決めて英語で書いて発表していく。 学校では学べない英語の訓練でした。 話すことはできてもとっさに書くことって難しい。 慣れかなあ?  
私が一番年下、でもみんなファーストネームで呼び合い、友達関係! もちろんいろんな面で皆さん自分ができることはということで、編み物をして寄付をしている方、 DVのカウンセリングや、スピーカーを招いていろんなプログラムを作り、そこでみんなで学ぼうと言う場所。

たくさんの事を学んだ! そしてアメリカ人のやさしさ、思いやりを感じ取った場所。

日本に帰国する前には、みんなでお別れ会をしてくれた。 また帰っておいでと言われ、涙が止まらなかった。  本当に国を超えて、年齢を超えて人と人が接するって 私はとても大好き。 たくさんの事を学ばせて頂き、ありがとう。 日本で元気でやってます。


Restudy English!

I have been reading TIME for many years now and I guess it would be more than 5 years since I
started subscribing the magazine. Yes, It is hard to read and many difficult vocabularies on it.
I just read whatever I find any interested articles at first and then I intend to look into vocabularies by my dictionary either through an internet if I really want to know full details on the articles.

When I was living in Dallas, I kept going to two Community schools to study English and to learn about making pottries at a different school. I enjoyed both and learning English at that time. However, since we came back to Japan, well, as a matter of fact, started living at the current place, I feel my mind has been getting narrower. I sometime receive an international call from my friends to talk to and realize I have to be open mind and seek wider view!
So I keep reading TIME magazine to get to know many things in the world and keep touching English for myself.
Last weekend, I met my friends from Malaysia and Norway in Fukui and I felt very comfortable to talk to them because they are my old friends but also I can talk to them naturally and directlly.

I have not written emails to my friends in Dallas for a while and I should write to them how I am doing before Valentine's day! I would love to visit the US this year if it would be possible and I would like to make it possible, too! There are many friends whom I want to see !

By the way, I really love Bette Midler and when I went to the US many years ago, I watched movie, the title is "Beaches" and I will never ever forget the movie and songs.
Since then, I love Bette Midler and her act. I love her songs, ROSE, BEACHES and many songs what she sings.



いろんな夢を持って 海外に飛び込んだ若い頃、やはりB型だわとよく言われた私です。
I had a lot of dreams when I was working and visited so many countries as my biz trip let me open my eyes to know the real world.




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