KANPEI Earth Marthon

I found an URL of KANPEI Earth Marthon the other day and he is going to run and sail around the world for taking 2-3 years time himself. He is a Japanese commedian but he is also a great athlete who ran 245 km three times in past as well as 24 hours running of a charity TV program before.

Anyway, he is in the US now and try to follow and want to know how he is and where he is through this URL. He is 10 years senior than me but he has a lot of energy and guts! So I should get his power and energy for myself to move on !

I was also a jogger and I ran in AZ, UTHA, DALLAS myself during my extended to live in each state. But not like him. I enjoyed running under summer heat and cold weather brought me feel strong.


What beautiful photos!

One of my blogger friends visited France and Germany early in March and she keeps showing photos were taken there. I also can recall many places from her photos because I also had visited those places before. How nice and how great to share her trips!
It is written in Japanese! but you can see beautiful photos!! She had a very difficulty to have
meals in each country. Well, I also experienced the same many times. :)


私のブロガーのお友達が 3月上旬にフランスとドイツに観光旅行! いろんな写真や、思い出を書かれています。
あああ 懐かしいお写真。  私の歩いた道もある。  食事はねえ、やはり大変だと思います。


Samurai Japan WBC

サムライジャパン、優勝、世界一おめでとう。 もうハラハラどきどきでテレビを見ていたけど途中から、心臓がばくばくしてきたので、テレビから離れたとたんに、イチローが駄目押しのヒット!。 あああ見ていれば良かったなあ。 残念。  でも、イチローはここぞというところで打つ、さすが私のヒーローだわ。 彼の51番のシャツを着なくちゃ。  

原監督、 私はあなたの試合をよく学生時代に見ていましたよ。 大学野球や練習試合を見に行ってました。 母校には 中畑がいました。 友人が中畑ファンがいたので、いつも一緒に野球を見てました。 駒沢公園の野球場でも練習試合していましたよね。 昔とあまり変わらないですよ。


相手の国のことはどうでも良いから。  お互いにライバル意識を持って、向上してください。

とにかく熱い熱戦、最高でした。  王監督の時にも叫んだ私。 今回も叫びましたし、泣きました。

WBC and bravo Samurai Japan!

I was watching WBC today and it was thrilling game. I could not keep watching around the last part because it was too thrilling and I could not stand watching alone with calm feeling.

So I started working and saw Japan was leading again,,, Then, I watched TV again around final stage and then, I saw Japan beat Korea the end.

I cried and my tears never stopped with happiness and all of players gats brought my emotion to be high!

Omedetou Samurai Japan and I am the one who always watched Hara maneger when I was an universtiy student and his team often came to the place where my university is located because the university which I used to attend, had a also very strong baseball team and they often came to practice! So I and Hara manager are same age! I can recall my youth period! Hahaha, it was very 30 years ago! Time flies. I am really proude of Samurai Japan.

Omedetou. I should wear T-shirt of number 51!! So Ichiro's number!

World Baseball Classic

My memories in oversea

I often recall many great memories which I got experiences when I was traveling many years ago.
I experienced bad things as well as good things. However, I really do not know the reason that many bad expierences would be hardly recalled myself.

Well, if I would have to chose one, it would be chosen in Greece which one client unpaid his payment and I had very hard time to clear my mind. Because I trusted him a lot and I could not understand why he made such to us or me. For 15 years, it was only this case which I got unpaid biz even small amount of payment.

The rest of clients and countries, I made our biz under trust and they also trusted me to deal with. I believe the Trust is the key for any kind of biz.

In Greece, I had visited lawyer to get free consultation and also visited a couple offices to find how to clear this case. but non of them were helpeful and no use.

On the way to go to another European countries, I dropped Greece a couple time to clear this case and I once met the client and he made me promised to pay, but never ever.

Since then, I try not to open the Greece market myself because it is very difficult for me to communicate and understand the market. It was only the country I was struggling in this world.
I feel very sorry to him even now...

Trust! This is my favorite words and I do biz under this words.

Spring has come

Today is our national holiday what we call SHUNBUN NO HI. It means that the spring has come!
Well, but it is cold out side as well as inside. The weather has been changing very quickly and it has been hard to adjust my body tempareture and I am sure many people would feel like me.

Now Cherry blossomes have been blooming here and there in Japan and I love cheery blossomes very much.

Finally Japan beat Korea today and Japan is going to play against the US!
Again, GO GO GO Samurai Japan.


Today Samurai Japan beat CUBA and they are going to compete against Korea tomorrow.

I really want Samurai Japan to beat Korea tomorrow and I keep praying.

Go, Go, Go Japan! Go GO ICHIRO!!

World Baseball Classic

Changing my subject! I was wacthing TV today and I just got very angry with people in AIG who got huge amount of bouns even Goverment put a lot of money for them to rebuild. How greedy and how dumn those people they got money! I am sure most of people in the US get really angry with them and AIG!

Marley A Dog Like No Other

I bought a book which title is "Marley A Dog Like No Other" last week and I have already read it all.

I had been eager to read and many of my friends introduced this book since last year but I could not have any chance to buy and read it.

Now I have already read it and I really want to see the movie!!

I have a doggy which name is Happy. Yes, same as Marley, same Labrador Retriever but he is so gentle and did not make any trouble to us until now. So when I was reading the book, I was astonished how she is and he is totaly different from Marley.

When I took my doggy, Happy to the beach, I recalled the page which John took Marley to the beach and she vomitted and have the runs after drinking sea water. He just kept walking and tried to approach people who take a walk because he loves human being who like animals.
He knows and feels people who like animals or not. So today, he went to a couple who was walking on the beach and he just wants them to pat his head or body! (smile!)

The movie of this will be prayed soon in Japan but I prefer to watch DVD from the US because all should be in English and no Japanese telop at all. I gona ask my friends in the US to send it.

Marley A Dog Like No Other

Great friends

I came to my home town for my mom's health check in the hospital and also went to see my best friend`s farewell party. She will move to Nara Pref. from my hometown and I gona miss her a lot. We have almost 20 years friendship and she`s from Norway and I tried not to cry during party but I did. Because I recall a lot of memories being with her which we spent in past and she always cheered me up and still is. I do not have my best Japanese friends whom I can talk from my heart and most of my best friends are in overseases and one in Japan.

I do not know the reason but I just can talk to them very frankly and honestly.

I also got an email from a friend like my son today and he will be in Niger as JICA. So he has been under training and he emailed me the training term has already finished.

He is still early 20`s and he is a great youth whom I can feel he is like my son.

I will see him after finishing his work in Niger ( 2 years time)
I wish he would be well and keep praying for his life and great work!

school shooting

It was awful insidents in Germany and the US the other day and I could not believe what were happend to me. Just innocent kids and people were killed by gun shots without any reason.

I have a good friend who lives near the place in Germany and I email him about my thoughts.

I express my deep condolense to those people who lost their beloved on and no more
such happen agains.


It is my first time to know this word.

asperger syndrome

My hearing

My English hearing has been getting poor what I feel myself and I try to watch TV in English sometime but not enough. Whenever I receive a phone call from Singapore or Jakarta, I need to listen very carefully what my friends talk. I have to do something for my English ability to be up! or get back to be like before.
I guess problem is that I can not watch CNN but also have no native English speakers to talk to.

My dream is to see my friends in overseas and doing something in English for my life time work.
I must think and do it whatever something comes up into my mind.
Until recently, I do not know the reason I hesitated going out from the place but I must jump into other places to get excitments. The place where I live is that just kind of dark and my charactor has been fading off....
I know I should go out to see or meet people more often and get together.


I again watched WBC tonight from beginning until the end! Finally Ichiro started hitting balls!!
This is who he is and what makes me very happy to see him through TV.

Japan won tonight against Korea. I was watching TV alone in a room without heater and my body was fully cold. But I enjoyed watching WBC tonight again.

I am not a big fan of baseball but just I love to see Ichiro and Samurai Japan.


Today I chatted with a person whom I know and I have not chatted him so many years through PC.

When I was using PC, suddenly he popped up and we started chatting in English. Because he is a native speaker who used to live in the US for long time. It is fun to chat in English.

I also chatted in MSN room when I was in Dallas and I met one lady who lives in Houston. Because we went to Galveston and Houston as our pleasure. So at that time, I had an opportunity to visit her house and met her doggies. Yes, she is doggy lovers so am I ! We talked about abandoned doggies a lot.

Anyway, it is fun and nice to chat with my friends through an internet.


From today, WBC game started. Finally Japan beat China after irritating game tonight.
I am a big fan of Ichiro and I am just a crazy aunti for Ichiro!

Hereunder are from my photo album!
year of 2003-2004

I used to go to the Ball park in Dallas to see Ichiro when we lived there.
We went to see Seattle Mariners vs Rangers twice. Most of audiences were for Rangers and they just jeering against Mariners. He gives me a lot of energy to me!


Girl'S DAY

March 3 is Girl's day in Japan what we call HINAMATSURI. We decorate dolls for girls in houses to celebrate for girls.
Hinamatsuri cake

I got a special cake yesterday and it is so cute and tasty.
Isn't is cute, ha? I guess such special cake would be only eating in Japan!

I have never had Hina dolls in my life because my parents were working so hard to rase us up.
I often felt I really envyed my friends who had beautiful dolls in their houses but I had never asked my mom to buy.

We bought a small doll last year for my mom's 80 years birthday and she was so happy to have it because she had never had it until her age but she had been wanting dolls even small one until 80 years. My cusons donated money for this small project to buy a doll for my mom!
She is going to be 81 years old this year.



いろんな夢を持って 海外に飛び込んだ若い頃、やはりB型だわとよく言われた私です。
I had a lot of dreams when I was working and visited so many countries as my biz trip let me open my eyes to know the real world.




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