Swine flu

I can not believe what the world has been facing. Swine flu is kind of deadly virus to fight!
I have never ever heard such virus until today and I had visited Mexico many times before myself as pleasure as well as my biz trip.

There are so many different kind of flues now and we must realize how we have to act and how we have to prevent to spread out. Now all masks sold out in Mexico and people are looking for masks. I do not know how to prevent or cure such flu. How come piggy? What kind of virus?
How we can prevent from the flu? We really need to have clear information and answer!


When we were in Dallas, there was almost SARS spread out to the US. People afraid of going to Asian markets. Because there were many people fly back and force between Asia and the US.
I remember I went to buy masks, rubber gloves for ourselves. I still have those in Japan.

Buth when I went to a glossary store, I put them all. At that time, we were very careful to go to a place where so many people gathered.


I have not written my blog for a while in English!! I joined Kanpei Earth Marthon Supporters Club and whenever I look at the blog and listen to English, I feel very happy and recall so many memories which I had experienced in the US. Earth Marthon Supporters Club

Now he is in Colorado and we also visited Colorado when we were living in Dallas.
I had a lot of milages at that time and we flew to Denver Colorado and
we rented a car to drive all the way to around Rocky MT. and Colorado Spring, Aspen etc for a couple days trip. I guess most of famouse or must see places were made it.

Aspen is very famouse ski resort for Japanese. Well, I skied a lot in Utha when I had lived in Utha so I felt it would be similar both places what I felt. But Colorado would be more commercialized place than Utha what I guess.

I could not drive shape Mt road because there is no fences and I could not take look at any cliff at all. I am an acrophobia. So most of places where we were, drove by my hubby. I only drove around towns and flat road! I still remember the place what they call, Blue Mesa! It was beatuifl place to see and it was just the time for golden color period. Well, but their Golden color would be not like Japanese Golden color. There was no Red color!

I really enjoyed seeing Roky Mt. and places where we stayed at Hotel Colorado. Near the hotel, there is a famouse spa and we sorked into a nice hot spring there.

I also bought teddie bear there as my gift myself.

The offical Site of Colorado Tourism

World travelers

Last week, I met a couple old friends in my home town and I recalled many great memories with them. Then I rang up to my good friend who is still traveling in the US and Asia as his biz trip.
We used to work together before and I left from the firm because I had to go to dallas to live.
Then he left after me and he got a nice job offer and started working at a firm for overseas market. We are same age and he has been still traveling on and on. He also had lived in the US for more than 8 years if my memory would correct. So it was nice talking to him over the phone and I would love to jump into the world again!! So keep tracing my dream!

My dearest Doggy, Happy!

When we were in Dallas, we wanted to have a doggy and I kept looking into Dallas morning news paper every day in order to find puppies information. There was an AKITA in our same apartment complex and she was so gentle and an owner was also a very nice lady. So I sometime visited her house to see her doggy. The doggy's hair was just white and beautifle doggy.

At that time, I know we had to return to Japan and we were worried about all quarantine and inspection to get through and it would be taken around 1 month or more. I did not want any doggy to suffer such. So that was a reason we did not have a doggy at that time.
Then after returned from Dallas, we got Happy. He is so gentle and a great doggy whom I really love like as my son. Be healthy Happy for good!

fun running

happy kun

Skip to Dallas

Kanpei Earth Marthon! He has been running in Colorado state after New Mexico! So this means that he would not run in Texas where I was living for a while.

I thought he would have run TX after New Mexico but now in Colorado. I just have no idea how his route has been decided. It would be the shortest way until NY??

I wanted to drive from LA to NY when I or we lived in the US. A few of my friends made it and took around 10 days to do!

I have no idea whether I would be able ot make such trip in my life or not. But it would be fun to do so and can see many great view and the US!

Have you ever driven from West to East??

My home town

Last night I drove to my home town and reached my parent's house late night. It took around 3 hours to get here after long day for me and I got so tired to drive in the dark. I sometime felt sleepy and dizzy but opened the window to get fresh air or listened to Japanese new songs which my niece copied to me so I was ok to drive finally.

My mom was kind of sick and I wanted to help some housework to come by. My hubby seems not to happy my going to my home town because I know the reason. I thought he would have had more thoughtful heart!
Well, everyone does care about own family and he should know that. I just ignored about him. My mom has been getting better day by day! She is a great mom who just sent me many countries as my work before and she learned many new countries and location because she always checked where I was traveling. I am sure she would be the only preat mom for me in this world.

Today I went to jog at a big sports ground and a gym to work out a bit. I met my old friends there and I was so happy to meet them and talk to them. I have know them more than 25 years and they are still jogging and doing active. I run 5K today after long interval and stretched out made me so fresh and great feeling. I would have had such feeling there, too but not possible.
I should come to my home town often and to see my great old friends to talk!!

Most of friends know how I was traveling before and they just brought my previous work to our
subject to talk about and then, they really want me to take care of my health!
Having great friends would be my treasure for good, how I would be and where I would be and how long I have not seen them. They just speak to me same as before.

I enjoyed talking to them today!

Beautiful voice and song

私の友人が送ってくれました。 最高!! 人は、容姿では判断してはいけないのです。 彼女は最高の歌い姫! 47歳、無職、小さな村の出身。でも彼女の夢はプロの歌手になること。 観客、3人の審査官の彼女が歌う前と、歌い始めた時の違いを! 人はそれぞれタレントがあります。 それを外見では判断するのは大間違いです。 澄んだ、本当に素敵な声です。


It is a wanderful moment and please listen to her song! You would be amazed her voice.
When I first saw this view, I was so sad because most of audiences and 3 guys are kind of----!
People should see people's soul not outfit or whatever. Each person has own beautiful or special talent. This is what we really have to know!

New Mexico



Kanpei san just entered New Mexico after Arizona state. Well, I have never been to New Mexico myself and I have no idea how look like but I have heard there is a big a limestone cave
where there are many bats inside. I do not know the name of the cave.

There are many states where I have not ever been and I wish I could have more time and if I would be young enough to travel alone, I would love to see all of states myself!

Hope I would be able to see something from Kanpei san's dailly news from Youtube!

Email from AZ

I wrote my email to my friend who lives in Tempe, AZ the other day and he wrote back to me yesterday. Well, he explained how beautiful Az winter is. But it is going to be hot summer again soon.

Tempe is a town where Az state of university is located and I also attended around 6 months accademic course before I attended a private biz school. So I had a great memory in Tempe, AZ.
Then, moved to Phx area to attend my school for 1 year.

I really do not remember my school days in Tempe, but I do remember the wonderful winter weather there. I have more memories of PHX area instead of Tempe.

Anyway, I was happy to receive his email and he is an artist!
Whenever, wherever I go or I will be, I want to get in touch with my friends in the world.
That's my life history and my treasure.




NAVAJO tribe is the name what I learned when I was in AZ 20 years ago. I guess I had visited around the area with my friends but I can not remember how look like the town.

It is a great memory of my staying in AZ. I made a best friend there and still contact her.
I really do not know whether the school which I used to go would be still there or not in PHX.

I want to walk some area where I used to take a walk and want to see my friends there someday!

Great Desert but beatiful cactas. I love Sedona area.
America is my favorite and my 2nd home country!

Those are our clients and friends!

Those doggies are using our products, Wantaku! Adjustable food stand, designed by us and produced by our friend who deal with architectures fild. It took around 1.5 years for planning and then produced for Japan market. But I would like to sell to overseas if there would be having some demand or doggy lovers.

Kanpei Earth Marathon



He has been running toward Rocky Mt. and I do not know which state will be after Az. but many people have been coming to see him and cheeing him up from everywhere! I am sure he and his team would appreicate!

My special person

I had a speical person who's from Swiss when I was late 30's. He was used to work for a chemical firm in Swiss as a famouse chemist and we were very good relatioship as being friend and I respected him a lot.

Well, there was something I did it for him and I regreted what I did it for him.
He also visited my home town and played with my niece as well as we visited many places.
I had so many great memories with him!

I still remember his name and face. I wish I could have returned that time back so that I realy want to say, Thanks you for a great friendship with me.

He taught me so many things and he was so gentle and kind person whom I respected.

Dear Dr. Claude san, if you would live somewhere in this world, I still remember you and want to see!! Thanks for your thoughtful words toward me before.


Cherry blossoms bloomed

Finally cherry blossoms bloomed over here and I love this flower because the color of flowers make me calm and happy. I took a couple photos with my doggy, Happy under the tree.

He was so nervous and wanted him to have smile but not...

I saw cherry blossomes in Dallas and it was not many but at that time, I recalled Japan and spring.

I am sure now Blue bonnet has been bloomed in TEXAS and I also love the flower because so cute and blue color is wonderful. The US is still in my mind.

My doggy, Happy, now 4.5 years old! He is the only my real family here.

My Dearest Robin, sleep peacefully forever!

I got to know Robin last year and since then, I have been looking at Robin's blog almost every day because I just want to know how he is doing and how he would be better?

He was abandond doggy 5 years ago and at that time, he got an osteosarcoma around his head area.
His situation had been getting worse and worse and Vet told a new owner his life would be less than 1 year. Well, after the new order had been taking care of Robin with a lot of love and great care even he got a couple operations to take out cancer cells. It is hard to see Robin even from photos but I had felt strong his will to live and he wanted to live happiliy from their photos and blog.

I gifted our product for him to eat better attitude because the an osteosarcoma had been spreading out his head area and I saw he was hardly to bend his neck to eat food. So I wahted him to use it. I was so happy to see his eating position after sending and he also ate our organic pumpkins.

I just could not see without anything and my heart was always being in Robin side and now he went to the heaven and I am sure he has no pain and suffering any more.
I really thank you to the Robin's owner( wanderful couple) who have been giving a lot of love and great take care as their family. Arigatou. and sleep peacefully Robin chan.

God blessed Robin chan.

written in Japanese

癌細胞で頭部を犯されながら、苦しい、辛い、そして痛かったろう、ロビン君。 もう痛くないよね、辛くないよね。  

昨年、ロビン君にブログで知ってから、本当にエネルギーを貰ったわたし。 生きたい、幸せになりたいって思いながら、頑張ってきたロビン君。


毎回、犬の放棄のことを耳にしますが、愛情とケアーがあれば、ロビン君だってこんなに辛い最初の5年間は過ごさなくても良かった。 やはり犬を飼うということにはすごい責任がある。

幸いに、たんたん家に迎えられて良かったロビンちゃん。 もちろん ご家族の皆さんは本当にこの5年間は大変だったと思いますが、でも本当に心優しいご家族の皆さんの愛情で、ロビン君は生きる力を貰い、そして頑張ってきたことと思います。

どうか安らかに天国に。 もう辛くないよ。 痛くないよね。 これからはたくさんの犬たちと天国で走り回るのでしょうね。 次生まれてくる時には、たんたん家のような家族の所に生まれてきてね。

動物は自分たちで飼い主を選べません。 でもロビン君は、最後の安住の地を、神様によって選択されたと思っています。

わん卓でご飯が食べていた頃の、ロビン君覚えてますよ。 かぼちゃがおいしいって言ってくれたことも。 ほんとうにありがとう!

Earthquake in Italy


I got a new about strong earthquake in central Italy today and keep watching BBC. I do hope many people would be able to be rescured and I pray for people whoes families or friends would be saved or found to be ok!

Italy is the country where I had visited many times and I just feel very sad to see such disater.



Since yesterday, we have been having many information spreading around in Japan. Yes, N,Korea launched Missile program finally on April 5 and I just could not believe what they are thinking.
I guess it is the only country people sturving as well as making a lot of weapoin and threaten the world, mainly Japan.

Isn't is crazy to launch the missile over our land? I was so scared in 1998 when Tepodons were launched over Japan. At that time, I was flying back to Japan from Singapore and when I heard the news, my body started shaking and just awful news what I got in the air cargo.

People in N. Korea are poor and no food. But the crazy leader uses billion of dollers to make such missiles or Nukes. For what??

We are now 21 century and create so many different things in this world but N.Korea still is very behind of other Asian countries. It is only the purpose of greedy leader who wants to get money and foreign money and interests.

There are many Japanese kiddnapped by N. Korea and there are still pending issues.
So what about those issues would be ??

Only the world would be able to sort out this kind of problem.

北朝鮮がミサイルを発射した今日、結局、人工衛星ではなさそうだ。 衛星の軌道にまったく乗っていないとか、アメリカの情報がやっと出た。 まあ何を考えているのかわからない国だ。

拉致事件もまだ解決していないけど、安保理で出されると、また彼らは意固地になり、6カ国協議を拒否するだろう。 中国とロシアは断固、北に寄る姿勢をとるだろうし。 プーチン政権は絶対に北に協調すると思う。

たくさんの北朝鮮の人たちが、飢えに苦しんでいるのに、何億ドルも使ってミサイルを発射するって、私にはまったく考えられないし理解ができない。 リーダーの貪欲さからだろうか。 それとも自国の強さを見せつけ、またお金や物資をぶんだくろうとする魂胆だろうか? 何を言っても、わけのわからん国だ。



KANPEIちゃんのアースマラソンを頻繁に見るようになってから、懐かしいあの頃、あの日、あの空の下。  私にとって、アリゾナ州は想い出深いところです。30歳になってユタ州から、友人と2人で車に乗って引越し。 夜通し運転しながら、何時間かかったのだろうか? 山を越え、砂漠を超え、そしてフェニックスに着いたときの感動は、20年経ってもいまだに心のどこかで想い出として残っています。

夜中に女性2人で州をまたいで運転するという無防備さ。 怖いもの知らずだったんだろうな。
アリゾナについてからもいろいろとありましたが、友人たちに助けられ、また若かった私、とにかくアメリカに来た理由をいろいろと考えながら、勉強していました。  時間があれば、ひたすらジムに通い、そして熱い空の下をジョギングするという日々。 自分で貯金してきたお金で何とかやりくりしなくてはと、母に通帳を渡して、何とか約2年間アメリカに住んだ。  

冬のアリゾナは本当にすばらしい、暖かくて、そしてドライなので、過ごしやすい。 私の友人たちは、1人以外にはアリゾナにはいないけど、でも想い出はずっと心の中にあります。


留学、帰国、仕事で海外を飛びまわり仕事をしてきて、そして退職、パートナーが仕事をしているダラスに駐在、そして1.5年で帰国、東京在住、そして だーれも知らない田舎に越して来た。

この3年間はきっと、この10年間の中で一番苦しくて、大変な3年だと思う。 大切な恩師も亡くした。

苦しくても辛くても。  私も同じように彼らや彼女たちにメールをしたり、郵便で送ったりしている。


KANPEIちゃんのように、歳関係なく、いつまでも自分にチャレンジそして出会いを楽しむ事ができる人間になりたいと思っている。 辛かったこの3年間、でも素敵なお友達もできた。犬を通じて、そしてネットを通じてだけれど。 知らない土地にいても、孤独は毎日感じるけど、友人たちが励ましてくれる。感謝!

だって人生は一度限り。  私の以前のボスが私の歳の頃に、日本の着いて、そして仕事を立ち上げた人だ。 そんな人たちをずっと見てきた私。  

何かできることを。 アリゾナに住んでいた頃の、あの道、学校をまたいつか訪ねたい。。。

My sky in AZ


I have been checking the URL of Kanpei Earth Marthon often because he has been running in AZ now. AZ is the place where I used to live when I was 20 years ago. I lived in PHX and I made many friends there as well as they also brought me to go many places in AZ but also I and my Japanese friend drove down to Nogarasu to Mexico by a car at that time. So many places where he runs are place where I also drove either went to.

I also used to jog in PHX every day because I was a student and just kept studying either going to a gym or jog in order to keep my body healthy and good shape. I jogged even over 100 F and I recall it was very hot during summer time and no one jogged during day time (hahahaha).

I still one friend who live in PHX and I should email him!!

When I was in PHX, I could not see much Japanese students at that time and I had a very difficulty to study in English but a couple friends helped me out a lot. So I finally graduated from a collage. I did not have my own car because I was a poor student so I used public bus to go to the school and also whenever I wanted to go, I used it often there. Well, nice to have a own car but just did not have enought budjet to buy. However, many of my friends gave me ride or brought me to see places. So I was so lucky to have great friends there.

Later, I visited AZ twice and last visit was 2003 when my hubby's nieces visited Dallas. We flew over to Phx and drove up to Grand Canyon and stayed over night and drove back to Scottsdale to stay over night. Well, everything was different compare to 20 years ago and my last trip.

I wanted to see where I lived in but we did not have time to go there.

Arizona travel and vacation guide from the Arizona office of tourism



いろんな夢を持って 海外に飛び込んだ若い頃、やはりB型だわとよく言われた私です。
I had a lot of dreams when I was working and visited so many countries as my biz trip let me open my eyes to know the real world.




-天気予報コム- -FC2-