I was lucky?

Swine flu has been spreading out in Japan since last month and I sometime think I was so lucky to travel in the world before without any having such virus etc.

I only faced some difficulties and concern when BSE was talking about in the world and in UK.
So when I visited UK, no beef at all and whenever I got off from any air craft, I had to clear my
shoes on products with an antibacterial finish to step on.

Whenever I had to eat my meals, I had to think about a couple times and mostly I ate out at an Idian restaurants in UK. Now, there are so many virus in this world and world travelers also would have to be careful to visit each country.

Killing all doggies in a certin area of China?

According to a Japanese media, all of doggies would be killed by a local goverment and they want to have no doggies city.

】中国の地方都市でこのほど、「市内を犬禁止区域と指定し、犬は見つけ次第撲殺する」との強烈な内容の「犬類管理規定」が発表され、犬を飼っている市民が強く反発している。(産経新聞)from Yahoo news

I do not feel good!

I have been having unplesant feeling in those days. I just feel uncomfortable to stay over here and I often feel I would get sick I would stay here from now on.

Whatever I do something, 2 people do not like what I am doing or critisizing.

I should make up myself to my next step!

この田舎に来てから、ごちゃごちゃと言う人が回りにいる。 どうも自分たちがすることがパーフェクトで、 私のすることは最低だとか言う。

これ以上我慢する必要があるのかな?NON.  自分の人生、楽しく生きる方法を見つけなくちゃ。

no masks in Japan

We have been increasing people who infected by new virus in Japan and people just run into drug stores or whatever the places we can buy masks... But we can not find any masks everywhere in Japan because people or firms bought up everything even single piece.

I also visited a couple drug stores over here but no masks. Then I asked a couple friends to check but all gone! Next shipments from any factories would be around July. It means that we have lack of masks. Also it is a great biz for them and relating Eco products.

So biz chance would be depending upon such cases?

I recall the days when we got bird flu in the US. We were living in Dallas and people got infected by bird flu. So we just run to stores to buy masks and rubber gloves in case and I put on masks to go to Asian market. There were many schools also closed because avoid spreading out.

Now swine flu problem and more people got infected everday in the world.

I want it stop spreading out and we must think about the reason.

Earth marthon;

Earth Marthon

Swine flu

Finally Swine Flu started spreading out in Japan since last week and I went to buy masks today but all gone!

As a matter of fact, I had already bought some when people was talking around the US and Europe. So just in case, I wanted to buy some more.

It is awful flu and this comes from gloval warming causes what I feel.

More new flu would be showed up from now on and we must realize how we have to prevent those from new virus.

My relatives in Osaka area also worried about and many schools shut out now and also no school trip what we call Shugaku Rykou until when?

Well, it can be helped because this flu infect people to people, too.

What a world now!

Finally someone infected in Japan

There is a couple people from the US infected Swine flu in Japan at last and I am sure there would be more people got infected because it lies latent a week or more to apperars to have swine flu. I bought masks and rubber gloves already in case.
When I was traveling in the world, there were no such disease except BS in Europe.
I remember when I got into an air plain, all passangers had to clean up their shoes and whenever got off from an air plain, same thing. I also did not eat beaf in UK when everyone was talking about BS at that time.

What a world now and Swine flu might be changed to be the worse or the worst disease in fall sometime what reserchers said.

We must prepare at least and in case.

Happy Mother's day!

May 10th is Mother's day and I would like to convey all of my great friends in the world whom I met, Happy Mother's day to you all.

to All of friends at Richardson Woman's center! Happy Mother's day!

I do not have kids myself so no one can be called me Mother but I will send or give a call to my mother today to say, Happy Mother's day!

Be healthy and be happier to all.


いろんな夢を持って 海外に飛び込んだ若い頃、やはりB型だわとよく言われた私です。
I had a lot of dreams when I was working and visited so many countries as my biz trip let me open my eyes to know the real world.




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