Less expectation

Well, Japan is like kind of festival period for the election and members of the House of Representatives should be considered country and relationship with internationally not speak out local area. Local area should be depending upon each local leader or city or Pref. governers.

I feel something they are misunderstanding and we, Japan is now watching by many countries and decentralization!

I do feel leader of DPJ and Mr. Ozawa! would not be rght persons for our leader.
They should make good team to lead our country not talking about small world.

Do we think DJP can change Japan?

Finally LDP lost their seats and DJP won. I do not think DJP can change Japan because their leaders also have done something before or in past. This is what Japanese politics always make our life misrable.

I would like them to change Japan to live comfortable country, safe and protect us instead of spending and spending our money with nothing.


watching TV

Finally 8.30. our election day and just no idea who is going to change our country. I went to vote but it is not easy for me to chose person or party.

Some candidates will be smiling and some not. But what we want them to be,, we would like them to change our country and do not use our Tax to rubbish stuff. Many Japanese have been suffering because recesstion.


First of all, I finally bought masks for ourselves, for my parents and nices the other day after vistiting so many shops. I am sure now people are hurring up to buy masks because so many infected people are in Japan and H1N1 virus has been spreading out over here! We have to be very careful.

Tomorrow is our election day and LDP and DPJ have been fighting to get their seats.
I feel LJP also would not be able to make any changes for Japan because the leader of LJP is also inherited. I hate to hear what people always talks about bad things against and this is what I do not want to hear. I want them to change our country to be better and comfortable way.

Now unemployment ratio is over 5.7 % and this is the highest % entire of Japanese history!
Age and sex discriminations are a lot here in Japan. This is a reason I started having own biz for overseas market which I used to do before.

Someone must change Japan from Ice age to 21 C.

Too much noise

Election prepartion has been started in Japan and Aug.30 should be the day for voting.
There are so many candidates in each area makes me sick because do you think they really want to change our country or want to get a job as being politicans?

I want Japan to do similar way as the US does. Election campain and TV or real or open devatings to show or let us understand what they think, what they want Japan to be and who they are etc.

No masks everywhere

My left hand has been recovered and no more bear hand to touch Jalapeno.
Today I visited a couple drug shops to buy masks but all sold out.. Whenever new stock come in, people buy within a few hours what store staff told me.

I must prepare for coming cold season for myself. 3 people in Japan died because of new virus.

Super hot and can not stand!

We planted chile Jalapeño this year again and today I chopped and put them into soy sauce for some cooking. I put glove on right hand but I could not find left one. So I touched Jalapeno by my left hand directly! When I was cutting, I could not breath in and out because of super hot and smell. I did not feel anything on my left hand when I was cutting. But then, 30 mints. later, my left hand started having pain like burning.. I washed my hands with a lot of hand soap many times. and then, I also used warm water to wash my hands sooooooooo. strated more pain and hurting. I put some medicine for my hands to cool down but until 8 PM, my left hand was just burning and painfully like burned. I must use gloves for left and right hands whatever I have to harvest either cook. Just hard day for me.



やっちゃったよ! 痛くて痛くて泣いていた私。 ハラペーニョを切って、種を出し、お醤油に漬ける準備をしていた! 右手はゴム手袋があったのでしていたけど、左手の手袋が見つからなくて 素手で切っていたら、後になって ひりひり 指が真っ赤になっていく、腫れていく、そして痛くって痛くって。
やばいと思ったけど、やってしまった。 二度と素手では触らない。 強烈な痛さには懲りた。

Natural disasters

We had a serious quake the other day around Shizuoka Pref. and it was around M6. So there are many roads cracked and mud sliding of high way! It was around 5 AM morning and I felt shaking over here, too.

Then Tyhoon hit Japan and many people lost their lives and houses. I know Taiwan also got worst natural disater since 1999. It is really strange weather over here in Japan and we must think and act something urgently and glovally which we can not wait to get answers from China.....
Waiting and wiating cause what for? We have to save our lives and our future!

Working with friends in overseas

Since last month, I have been working with my friends in oversease and most of evening, I just sit and write my emails to my friends whom I used to deal with before ( like 10 years ago)
I have two biz card cases which are full of biz cards from people whom I met in past and each biz card let me recall so many memories. It is fun to look at but also I feel I had a lot of energy to travel alone in the world to negotiate biz! Well, many people used to say, I was a very tough woman who just kept traveling along even the middle east but all of my friends were very nice to me like one of their family members so when I talked to our biz, just an exporter and importer but after our biz discussion, they treated me as their family memeber!

I feel I am glad to be back to my old career and I know still there are many things to do in front but I would be able to manage it. This is what I can feel myself.

Just jump into the world again.

Our life

The day before yesterday, we got one email which made us shocked and suprised to read.
A person whom we met last month and discussed about biz, suddenly passed away and his staff
sent email to let us know. We could not belive it still and he was just 55 years old who had a lot of dreams and biz possiblites. End of June, I, my friend and he had a long talk until midnight and I got to know what his dream was! But, but,, too much work and too much responsiblities to grown his biz himself. So he told me that he had only 3-4 hours sleeping..

Life is short and I must be very careful for my health. Biz is also important and need a lot of energy to do but our life is just one time.

I really want him to take it easy and rest in heaven.

It was the same day and month when my best friend(mentor) passed away. sigh...

Haveing great friend's ship!

Aug. arrived and it stil has rain every day. I do not know when the rainy season would be over oure area. No sun shine causes so many damages such as crops, beaches,and so many places seems to be having problem.

Last night, my best friend from Ca visited me and she took her son! We have more than 25 years long and great friendship and we stayed their house in Ca 5 years ago and then they stayed our house in Toyo where we used to live and last night they stayed just one night because they wanted to see me and our doggy, Happy.

Her son has been eager to see Happy because he had seen Happy when he was 4 years old. At that time, Happy was so sick and we took him to a vet in Tokyo. At that time we also took her son to go to the vet. So he has been remembering that time and Happy's face. So finally we met again!

BK ( son's name) just kept being around Happy all the time and we took a long walk to the beach for 1 hour walking.

Then he just sticked to him and talked to him.

Well, even just staying over night, we had a lot of talks and again, happy to have a great friendship with her and her family even we live apart together.


I also asked her to buy DVD which I really wanted to see, Marley & Me and she brought to me from the US. So I watched it today only in English and made me laugh and happier.
My doggy, Happy is not like Marley!
Marley & Me


いろんな夢を持って 海外に飛び込んだ若い頃、やはりB型だわとよく言われた私です。
I had a lot of dreams when I was working and visited so many countries as my biz trip let me open my eyes to know the real world.




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