The last day of 2009!

The year of 2009 is ready to over and 2010 will be coming soon. My 2009 is tough and hard year but I finally came back to my old career and met many old friends in my career filed. How nice and how tough the
biz world is now. We have still recesstion in Japan and I am not sure what our country will be gone!

I have to make my new year resolution myself and I really want to make my career sucessful in order to help my sister and nieces!

I will bring more good luck for them and for myself and for my parents in 2010. So I must work harder but sometime get easifer.

Wish you have a wonderful year 2010. So my sky would be like in 2010?? No one knows, I only would be able to make up!

Happy Merry X'mas to you all!

Happy holiday seasons and wish you have a lovely X'mas to you all and to people in this world happierface.jpg

Great story

From Hiroshima to 9/11, a girl's origami lives on

I was reading above and brought me something very warm and sad. We as Japanese make origami cranes for cheering people up generally! I did a lot,too before.

There are so many people still struggling because of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But also there are so many people dying because of wars or sturving. There is one earth and world! We should help each other and bring peace in this world.

Winter has come!

Finally winter has come here and like blizzard.. I feel very scared to hear the sound of blizzard.
I hate such weather over here and mentally, physically not good for me.

In my home town, there is a old gym and everyone can use with small amount fee. There is no such place over here makes me feel down. I should find something fun over here but so far not yet found because very country side.

What's happened Tiger woods?

from CNN

Every news talk about Tiger Woods and he will not play golf or join any tours from next year with unlimited term. I just have no idea what's happnened to him because he is a great golfer and gave us a lot of fun and dream... I do hope he will be able to clear everthing and come back to play which I do hope.

I know how he got stress and how he feels hard because always have to play in the world.
No more minus news from any where else! Just 2009 does not have any good news...

Sending X'mas cards

I sent a couple X'mas cards (paper one with analogu way) to my friends in overseas today! I used to send them but since many friends sent greeting cards by an internet. I also followed the trend. but I can feel very special if I would receive written cards! So I will write some more and send my friends within a few days! I feel sometime people would touch when they would see real handwriting...

What's 2009 for myself?

There are so many things happened in 2009 but I personally came back to my old career and started meeting my old friends who still work for same career.. Whenever I can meet and talk, all of my old memories come up into my mind... How hard it was when I was traveling every 2 months in the world and how tough I work around 13 hours per day at the office every day! The firm did not care how I worked hard or made a good performace becaues I am a woman and I always thought the firm did not want to pay same amount of men to me. One day, I had asked a person in charge and he told me you are a woman! So what??? Since then, I started concentrating my own career instead of for the firm.

yes, I used to work for the firm which mens dominated but I worked for 15 years and made a many great friends... The firm will never ever be able to change... So that is the reason I work with an overseas firm now.!

X'mas month!

The last month of 2009 and I got X'mas cards which I am going to send to my friends in overseas.

It is very lovely and so cute... Santa does not have wing so he can not fly! Rain deer does not have wing so that he can not fly. But we can fly if we get together to work...

Isn't it nice short story???




Human being always needs human beings. Non of them can do it by oneself..


いろんな夢を持って 海外に飛び込んだ若い頃、やはりB型だわとよく言われた私です。
I had a lot of dreams when I was working and visited so many countries as my biz trip let me open my eyes to know the real world.




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