I do not like people who has a hot temper! I used to make many discusstion and negotian with my clents in the world before. So sometime necessary to have strong patient so I learned many things. but since I moved here, I have been having negative points make me being a small person. So I should not talk to people who has a hot temper. Nothing get from people who has a hot temper. Can not we change them?? I guess they should know whom they are and listen..

Oyster festival

Last Sat. we went to Oyster festival and I used to eat Oyster in France when we had to attend an Exb.
I love small one not big one.

It was so cold but near fire made me so warm and ate a lot of oysters..kakiwotaberu.jpg



Jan.20,2009 was US presidential inauguration and it was like festival and everyone thought the US can change! I was watching TV last night just same as Jan.20 the day, The US has been more troops to Aganistan and many troops got PTSD or Trauma or many sickenss after battle filed.

Why we have to send people to war zone?? Do we can sort out by other way instead of??

More people die because of war and jihad?? When we gona have peace? Those jihad should be also against GOD. If people would jihad, they should go to Haiti to help or support! Do not kill yourself and many people still trapped under concreate. We think we are smart enought to stop such war by fighting but not. We can change our world different way!

Japanese goverment is the same. They kept telling us we gona change. but now not and get worse..

Amazing to see!

Seattle life
It is amazing to see doggy who trained an assistant doggy but .....

HAIT quake

When I got to know the HITI quake from CNN, I could not find what is going on.. but slowly finding out awful disasters and how poor the country is. There is no iquipments to dig people out from collapsed buildings or houses. Just dead bodies are here and there. How slow Japanese goverment send rescure team and how people would not know such disaster just happend. Beloved one just dampped into many places without any human being treatment. like .... Is this right thing to do so? I know there would be no way to do and try not to spread out any infection etc.

17th of Jan. was the day When Kove earthquake had occured. It is terrible to see views from CNN or BBC.
Keep praying to people who have been suffering there. CNN

I do not like this phrase!

Since I started living in this place, I always hear from xxx I have done for you! I have been having very hard time to rase my kids etc. I got sick of tired hearing this from her.

My mother has never said to me but she is different.

10 years

Since I left from my previouse career, 10 years has been past and started working back again.
I have been trying to check my holiding old biz cards and serch whether they would be still in their biz or not. I guess 50% would be closed and I would like to know what they are doing... Healthy, having different biz? or.... I just want to say Hi! to them. well, How can I trace them.... It has been already 6 yaers past since we returned from Dallas.

Recently, I connected one person whom I used to communicate. It has not been talking to him over 10 years but he still remembers about me and my name so on. 10 years interval would be so far but I feel I would still be able to talk or communicate them even after 10 years interval and no communciatin... Thanks to my old friends!

A happy new year!

Finally 2010 has come and we have been having snow since end of last year. Cold out here with a lot of snow brings me feel cold... I still have not made up my new year resolution yet but only what I always can tell myself, work hard and meet up many friends bring me feel better...

I drove Nagoya end of last year taking my mom and spent 4 days there. It was long distance distance and tired but having nice weather. Hope I will keep being strong from now on to make my life better


いろんな夢を持って 海外に飛び込んだ若い頃、やはりB型だわとよく言われた私です。
I had a lot of dreams when I was working and visited so many countries as my biz trip let me open my eyes to know the real world.




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