Strong quake in Chile

Chile Quake

There was a M 8.8 quake in Chile today and I just keep praying for people there! It is a beautiful country and place to visit. People said Chile is Swiss of S.America. Yes, it is. I visited 2 times before and I also worry about my clients whom I had used to deal...

Please get prompt action to this disaster!


I really like to meet up people different countries and places. I used to do that a lot before.
Since I moved here, less and less.... I also have poor communication with my partner. He feels very comfortable to live here because his home town. He more or less does not understand what I have been feeling and facing. He often said to me it is my fault! How dear he is! :) Now I enjoy meeting my friends in my home town as well as communicating my friends in oversea! Something wrong??? Ha?


Vancouver olimpic game brings me a lot of strength! All of teams and people trained and trained.
I really admire them all! We should enjoy watching together with people in this world. No fighting and no war! We need to have a peaceful world..

Being heathy!

I had no such sickness before and try to get well since. Seeing my Dr. and taking medication etc.
I always feel why I have to get sick and why I have to be told.... Did I do something wrong to them?

She wants to live whatever she likes. So I am not a right person to live together.

Apart from her, I feel less stress and tention. Receiving harsh words brought me such sickness.
My partner does not know what to do for me. So I just try to get well myself and can not be depending upon him.

So it means that I feel I am being alone... but I have a son, Happy.

My cardio checking

The other day, I was almost collapsed after taking hot spring myself. I just sorked 20 mits. then, I ad a buzzing in my earsand all my blood seemed to be gone somewhere.... So like I was almost fanted and tried to keep breathing in and out deeply andlie down. Almost 30 mints, I was struggling myself and did not know what I was going to be... After that, I got better and drove to my home myself.
So I was worried about my cardio and came to my home town to check my cardio this time. Because there is a well known hospital for cardio!

I got contrast medium to take CT scan for my cardio this time as my first time and so nervas myself and Dr. could not find my blood vessel where he can givecontrast medium. I got 4 areas to have short and so painful.. After a couple checking, finaly my Dr. told me that my cardio is ok and I should cure my
breathing problem because of stress because I just have very different live value from them! So long as I concernend my health, I should just do whatever my health would be better way!

During my checking, I heard baby's crying and felt so painful to hear such. I prayed a baby will be ok....
Being healthy is the most important and I know why I got breathing problem and Dr. also gave me some advice... I will care my health myself because of my life.

keep being athlete's dignity

There is one person who wore Japanese uniform unpropery and he has been receiving a lot of criticism from people in Japan as well as an organization and JOC etc. Well, he also was wrong but the leader of the Japanese team is fault which no one gave an instruction before hand. This is what we have been facing in Japan. People do not teach so kids just would do whatever they want to do like. Sad!!

The word of Respect!

I love the word, Respect! This word was learned by my boss whom I had used to work after graduating Univ.
I respected him a lot and still do even he is in the heaven. Respect! this is a great word and I will keep having it in my life... Unfortunently.... Off course, I respect my parents and my friends!


Finally winter oliympic will be held in Canada!! We went to Vancouver in Dec.2003 to renew our visa but 2004, went back to Japan ;)

It is very neat place to visit and just small city! We walked around and went to see Opera as well as visited many sightseeing places on foot! I still remember the roads and view.. Well, I myself had visited Canada 3 times and it is nice to visit but I have never visited East Canada where my friends live. Someday if I would have any chance to visit, I would love to meet them again!

I would like to give my cheering to Japanese team!


Since my friend, Hiro kun connected me to use Facebook, I have been trying to use it.. but still not really understand how to use it. Twitter also... How I can use those efficency for my net shop!?
but I found so many old friends from Facebook, is the great thing for me.


Dry persimmon


white stuff is natural fruit suger from persimmon and it is tasty! I love this dry persimmon.


いろんな夢を持って 海外に飛び込んだ若い頃、やはりB型だわとよく言われた私です。
I had a lot of dreams when I was working and visited so many countries as my biz trip let me open my eyes to know the real world.




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