connecting world!

I have been contacting Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South America and the rest of middle east for my biz purpose. I wish I could meet all my clients whom I had used to deal with until 2002.

Well, still trace my dream and would love to see different countries and to know different culture.
This is what I used to do for 15 years in my 30's and early 40's. but I know time changes biz and people's style. So I have been learning now and I also have to change my life style..

This rubber tree was bought by me 15 years ago and my dad has been taking care of during my overseas trips as well as my station changes. But every month I drives to my home town and see this tree! brings a lot of old memories.



I have been trying to use Twitter but still?? But there are so many tools to explore news etc and I am hardly follow new generation tool.. How poor I am.

well, I should not think negative way and should find out how to use properly....

I used to deal with people face to face or talking over the phone before but so now new tools bring us to connect... but I can feel still human communication is a big tool for us to get to know each other...

I enjoy using SKYPE or Facebook....


Many months ago, my best frien sent me this! I was deeply down at that time because so many things against me here. but...


I have been trying to open our market in Poland and I had no connection there so I asked my friend in Japan to connect his friend in Warsaw.. I know friends are always helping me and this is what I love to have great friends in this world. Let's see how I can do for the Polish market.

I have never been there and I have no idea what kind of country is. But so long as I got to know from internet and friends information. I have never been to Poland and no idea what kind of country is.

East Europe, I only visited Czech, Romania... Turkey...
I visited Most of middle east countries,too. well, great opportunity to know new countries through my career.

Everything goes to be digitaized??

I know News paper firms have been facing very tough time because of internet world has been exploring in the world. Less people read news papaers or magazines etc. But I love to read news paper and Time magazine because whatever or wherever I go, I can just read each word or phrase to get more impact rather than looking at digital news. I also feel worried about people would be very difficult to write letters by hand.

My biz trip

For 1 week, I was staying in Fukui and made a couple appointments as well as working my next project! Time flied very fast and I got so tired of driving and preparing a lot of things.. but having very fun and enjoy to meet a lot of people relating biz to discuss new idea and project. I really feel I am back to my life istead of. No one can change my life and my life has been decided when I was born.

Mr. Fumihiko
Fumihiko Iida

Fumihiko Iida

Reality of each country in the world

Mostly TV or media shows good sight or bad sight from each country. But reality is only the person who visits or stays, knows. Japanese media often shows good sight and then people start thinking to visit as pleasure or tourists without knowing real world or life.

Dubai is the place where so many Japanese visited because media showed us fantastic view but reality is different from what they saw or thought.

I had visited UAE many times before and I had many talks with different races. Only one grab of people are rich and good living.. We should know the reality and then talk to kids or media should tell us.

Many people from developing countries come to work and they have tough life....

Do not fool products around!

Since our big car maker recalled, there are so many people try to claim and inform problems. But are they all the same problem?? I do not think so. Some people would make story not truth..

We should not make story fool around. We can investigate techinically...

We have to be honest to live in this world!

spritual meesage!

Today is March 14th and what we call in Japan, it is white day! It means that men would return something on behalf of receiving choco on Valantain day! To me, it is xxxx. It was a great day for me to attend Mr. Fumihiko IIda's lecture. Our life has been having something meaning and we have to live on instead of against.... I have been reading his books since last year and I love to read his book to know my life meaning which I should challange my life instead of having regretful life.

Larry King Show

I looked at Larry King Show and Mr. Toyoda. He is not a naitve speaker so he was a righ to use intepreter.
I like TOYOTA car and I have been drivig Toyota for 20 years with differnt types even whe I lived in the US, I bought an used TOYOTA collora. We, also ourselves should maintance own car to avoid having any troubles. I do every 6 months and oil changig regulary.

My expectation

I try not to expect anything from people because I had been betrayed a couple time except my parents.
But for kids, they would expect something if they would act good! same as doggies or kittens.
We should not betray people or animals. I am sure those people who betrayed me, would not have better life because they have done same thing with others. Honesty is my favorite words in my life which I have learned from my work and my boss.


I have been using Facebook since early in last year because my friend told me how to use it. Now he stays in Niger for two years contract by JAICA. Since then, I have been digging my friends information up and communicate a couple old friends via Facebook! How great tool it is.


I still do not know how to use TWITTER yet.

Enjoy myself!

I must have enjoy my life! This is my life and life is just once. People has different life value and no one can force me to follow their way! We should keep having very diffrerent life value and do not force people's value to be changed. So far my expierences, people who have wide view, they respect people's value of life. People who has narrow view, they would try us to change or follow.

We have to share different value of life, opnion and comments. Every one is different!
When I talk to my friends from different countries, I really enjoy myself..

technologies prevent well-designed buildings

It has already 3 days past since Chile quake happened. Tsunami came to Japan and there was some area got problem because of tsunami.
Do you think any new buildings would not be collapsed?? Even technologies prevent well-designed buildings?

I am sure old exisiting buildings would a quite danger and there are many in Japan,too.
How about new one?? Do you think they are safe enough to stand even M 8.8??

I keep praying for people who have been facing Chile quake...


いろんな夢を持って 海外に飛び込んだ若い頃、やはりB型だわとよく言われた私です。
I had a lot of dreams when I was working and visited so many countries as my biz trip let me open my eyes to know the real world.




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