Making CM for Bitte

I made this CM and just take look at.. Sorry written in Japanese.


What a mess!

Our PM removed one of Cabinet ministers because she did not sign for the agreement.

I really feel our PM is a great guy but not good for our PM. Sometime I dought his single words with any baseless consideration.

Who is going to rescure our country???

Talking to my gilfriend via skype

We returned from Dallas in May,2004 and since then, I have not been to the US. I only visited Singapore twice and Jakarta once.

However, I sometime exchange our communication to my friends in Dallas, RWC(Richardson Woman's center)
where I had often visited and met many girls.

The center was made during IT boom in Dallas and many couples moved there to work.

Most of husbbies worked day time and many house wives did not do nothing at that time. So my best friends opened up this RWC for women who just stayed at home to meet up and exchange their ideas or opinion or volanteer work. So gradually expand the center and I found it because I could not get working permission at that time.

I enjoyed meeting many Americans there and learned English through them, too.

So a couple girls still contact me and they use facebook and skype.

Finally I talked to Sue via Skype the other day and how happy I am and
I really want to visit Dallas to see my girlfriends.

And my best friends in Ca and Fl.too.

Making 1700 pcs of rice balls!

From 22th of May until 23th of May, we made 1700pcs of rice balls for kids who came from different place to learn about the local culture near here. So I volanteered to make rice ball,too and stay over night to finish up 1700 pcs or rice ball to hand over 23th of May, 10;00 AM. So we finished up around 6:00 AM and we, all got tired and everyone got each task and I was one of making rice balls.

Still can not get rid of my fatigue cause almost 24 hours without sleeping and 8 hours were standing up to make rice balls!

There is Kodaimai producer and we also sell their Kodaimai through our internet. They are very tasty!

Following my boss's words!

I had a very open minded boss when I started working after graduating an Univ.

He was traveling in the world at that time which was kind of a rare person.

Well, I guess he was around 50+ age at that time after returned from the South America.

So since then, he changed my life. He was a tall and a nice gentleman who spoke at least 5 different languages freely. But he was a very strict for biz and he taugth me many thins.

You had to care even 1 c. If any trade wuold be bigger, even single 1c diffrences would be how much?

He was my mentor even he passed away many years ago.

He often told me not to give up if I would have had own dream.. He often told me I should see the world.

He often told me to make a lot of friends.. He often told me that you should not regreat your life.

so I should follow his words from now on.

Something touched in my heart!

Ken Mogi's lecture

I know Ken Mogi san so many years now but it was my first time to listen to his English lecture.
Yes, it is necessary to follow own curiosity about something.

I was very a curiosity person for the world until moved over here and I was about to lose my original
curiosity. Now back to work in my original filed again makes me so happy to deal with my friends or clients in this world.

Do not lose yourself and be strong!
Do not give up own dream and follow own dream to be come true...

Need to change myself


I have just started reading this blog and there are so many great contents and I need to study and need to be an independent!

My great friends!

I have great friends (guys) who live in overseas and who have a big heart. They are my treasure and I wish I could meet them on and on like before.

They taught me many things and I respect them and I am sure their staff also respect thier boss ( my friends).

I sometime recall my boss who had taught me about world and biz.. I sometime recall one of my friends who passed away 3 years ago and he was so kind and cared his friends.

Whenever and wherever I visited their countries, I ate same food and made our biz trip in locally together. So I got many great expeirences together.

Good memories.



いろんな夢を持って 海外に飛び込んだ若い頃、やはりB型だわとよく言われた私です。
I had a lot of dreams when I was working and visited so many countries as my biz trip let me open my eyes to know the real world.




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