Receiving an email from Germany

I used to deal with so many different countries and clients before and made a lot of friends in this world.

Since back to my old nest to deal with, I sent my emails to my firends whom I used to contact.
The other day, I received an email from Germany and he is the CEO of the big firm in Germany.

I had so many memories with him because whenever or wherever I visited my clients, he often was in the same country or visit same clients.

We exchanged many information about the world and biz. In past, there was an Exb. in Dubai and I was in charge of whole thing there as well as sale and marketing for the middle east territories.

He was there to exchange idea at that time. I also visited his office in Munich once...
How nice memories I do have..

Nice to receive his email from Germany. Thanks Mr. H.

This is a great things to do wherever I would go, I would have someone to help or assist me or introduce my friends to them.


Blue Samurai wins!

This morning, our country is very excited about FIFA WC 2010.
Japanese blue samurai won and many people watched the game even early in the morning, 3:00AM.
I could not watch it but I saw the news this morning.

I honestly could not believe Japan beated Denmark.
Anyway, this is the great news for us because we have so many negative stuff since last year.

Great players! Thanks and Go to next game to best 8!

Blue Smurai from CNN

Oil spilling!

I keep watching and twitting about Oil spill and more dead birds and animals every day!

when we gonna stopping this opil spilling? How come we have to kill those creature by our human mistakes?

We always have to think in case of...

Anything would be happend after long years digging oil out!

We should use other energy instead of oil in our future!

abusive words

I have been receiving abusive words since I moved here.

I have no idea the reason those people use to me.

I do not like people who hurt human being or animals.
I do not like people who look down people.

I was used to deal with so many clients and people in this world but I had never ever used abusive words or recieved.

I am a person whom I always am consider what people feel if I use wrong words etc.
We are all different but we have same color of blood.

I admire my girlfriends in Dallas who always help people, gentle and kindness.

How wonderful to see and talk to my girlfriends in Dallas!

Today was very hot day in Japan. I have been preparing Skype with web camera since last week and finally I made our skype meeting with my great girlfriends in Dallas to talk!

I have not see them after 6 years inerval... 6 years??? What time flies very fast and I miss Dallas and Richardson
Woman's center a lot.

When we lived in Dallas, I was very curiosity about what real Dallas was or the US was.
1989-1990, I was in the US for studying and just kept studying and finishing a school as a student.
At that time, I was in Utha and moved to Phoenix in AZ. I did not visit Tx at all.

Then, chanced to live in Dallas for less than 2 years and I could not get working permission until the day when we moved back to Japan. What a poor me...

Anyway, I found the great place to see girls and no way to speak English with girls..
It was kind of great practice for me to learn English and American life etc there.

I started taking the writing class and it was hard but enjoyed thinking and thinking with using my electric dictionary.

I wrote may different titles stuff, a leader gave us some quizes to write about, or wrote about what we remebered when we were young.

I still remeber the lady whom I forgot her name (sorry). She wrote about the car without side mirrors and always use hand to go right or left. When she drove up to a MT. her car slowed down and hard to drive.

What a great story which I did not know such history of car in the US.

Anyway, dearest, Sue and Susan, Thanks for giving me a great time to talk and joking a bit!

I will email you on and on and give my big hug to all girls there.

World cup football game in S. Africa

Finally World cup competetion has been held in S. Africa and the Japanease team beated Camellon last night! It was very excited game. I am sure there are many people watch WC game this time in this world.
The game would be brought peace and excited days to all nations in this world.

South Africa was one of the countries where I could not get into when I was working. I gathered many biz information and as a matter of fact, I made one appointment with one S.African firm and exchanged a lot of communication. If there would have had a couple firms there at that time, I would have visited there myslf. But I guess I was lucky not to be there myself. I had heard there was high crime ratio at that time.

Anyway, Every 4 years interval, I keep cheering Japanese team up to win the next game.

I have not still watched the movie of Invictus yet.


My good days in past

My favorite singers and songs.. I usd to listen during my 20's.



いろんな夢を持って 海外に飛び込んだ若い頃、やはりB型だわとよく言われた私です。
I had a lot of dreams when I was working and visited so many countries as my biz trip let me open my eyes to know the real world.




-天気予報コム- -FC2-