Tracing own dream!

Try to touch my own dream!! Think about my dream, Write about my dream!
I should keep tracing own dream!!

I do not have kids but I do have some responsiblity to live because God gives me my life on this earth!

The last day of Aug. 2010

We have been having terrible weather since end of June and summer heat affected many things to us.
so many people got sick or die because of this crazy summer heat!

Today is the last day of Aug.2010 and I can feel we gonna have more days to have hot weather.
When our fall will be?? No one knows.

Anyway, so many things I did in July and Aug. and so many things happened to my life.

Life goes on and try to make my dream! ( small dream myself and still secreat!) ;)

Refresh myself!

The other day, one of my friend's hubby died and I am sure he was younger than me.
I have been considering how we should keep having healthy body and mind!

Because life is short and we should not regret ourselves.
When I was traveling last week, met many young staff and people in busy areas.

I got a lot of energy from them and from my MD!
I keep considering how I should go on my life and have healthy body
because God gave me my life on this earth.

Biz trip to Tokyo

I made my biz trip to Tokyo for a few days and the MD came from HK this time.
I have not been to Tokyo since last year but I felt very enegitic place to travel in Tokyo.

A lot of conversation, discusstion, learning many things and found new stuff etc brought me
to have fresh mind.

I have a mentor who was used to teach me many things during my 20's and I was so happy to know

Keep having open mind and try to touch my dream by my hands!!

I got shocked!

When I was staying in my home town, I got one email from my friend and one of our friend's husbby died suddenly. I can not believe it cuase younger than me.

I often think I should have more relax time instead of receiving bully words and attitude.

thoughtful people

I have so many thoughtfull friends and family except.
I prayed all of my firends and my niece today!
Because they were very important human beings for myself.

Not like people use harsh words or ignore.

When I have problems, my firends always conceren about me and talk to me.
When my friends get problem, I try my best to help or assist what I can do.

I know no one can tell people what is wrong because afriad or fear.
Thoughtful people have always many people around.

I would like to be in again.

Thanks God always keeps watching me.

Buddhist festival for honoring the spirits of ancestors

Well, most of people now go back to their home town to pray ancestors or family gathering.
I do like to do so but I will do it next week. Sorry, dearest all of my ancestors and my parents!

I would like to spend more time being with my parents.

I have so many friends in the heaven and shall pray for them.
Thanks for watching me all the time.


The other day, I was watching TV and the program was related to the wars which so many people die.

There was a groupe which comedians gathered and visited soldiers in different places during war times in Japan. What they said " Warawashi Tai" means Warau-Laugh, let people laugh, Tai-group.

When I saw the photos which TV showed, there were so many soliders who were about to enter battle fileds tomorrow or soon, were laughing when Warawashi-Tai made comedies in front of Japanese soldiers.

I can not feel how they felt fear entering the battles but their faces were so happier and enjoyable to see Warawashi-Tai.

My mind went to the movie " Good morning Veitnum" and I have seen some part of this movies.
Everyone wanted to live and no wanted to die.

We must remember those terrible human egos and wars.

We must have peaceful world without wars.

We want to laugh and make laugh!!

Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Aug. has a couple celemonies in Japan. The celemony of 65th aniversary in Hiroshima was held the other day and we should not forget what was happened same as Nagasaki.

I had visited those cities many years ago and saw many information there. Terrible insidents in Japan which brought so many people dead or struggling their lives and health by the atomic bombs.

Human being always has to learn from what we have done and we can not harm any human beings.
We are a right to live in this world and no one can right to harm our lives.

We have to bring our peaceful world to next generation. I know still many firms produce weapons and tools. This makes me very confused.

Terrible DV and where is human right?

I today opened TIME dated Aug.9 edition and front page photo made me feel shocked.
Slasshed nose female photo.

She was 18 and her husband beated her all the time and she tried to excape and caught up.
Then, husband family also beated her and her nose and ears were cutted by knif.

What a photo and why women are treating like slave??

When I was traveling to Europe many years ago, I had seen similar photo on Asian Jurnal paper and a Lady also was cutted her nose and ears by her husband.

Beating and treating such way, I always feel what hell this world or men would do.

Women are not slave and we have a right to live!

I feel so sad and angry to see TIME this time and read it.


いろんな夢を持って 海外に飛び込んだ若い頃、やはりB型だわとよく言われた私です。
I had a lot of dreams when I was working and visited so many countries as my biz trip let me open my eyes to know the real world.




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