Olimpic has just started

Finally London Olimpick has just started. Used to visit UK many times before as my biz trip.
Well, many good and tour memories in my mind.

I want to watch but time differences from Japan.

Be fun and enjoy.

We have super crazy summer heat makes me feel tired and many people every day send to hospitals because of heat.

Drink a lot of water and cool down.


Oimpic has just started

London Oimpic has just started. London where I visited many times before because of my biz puprose.
I had visited Europe many times but not UK.

My 1st visit UK was like 1998... No contacts and no friends whom I would meet. I gathered all of necessary information before hand and made my visit. British english is not easy to understand and I could not catch up. Slowly get used to listen and catch up.

I still remember I walked a lot with my samples bag alone. I could not find places to eat, I went to a market to buy something to eat... Well, I am sure this kind of way, many sales persons expierenced.
Finally, found our biz connection and visited Guernsey island.. At that time, I have no idea London Oimpic will be held in 2012. well now started.

My life goal

I have dream which I would like to make it. I almost lose it but I realized life is once.

I should keep my dream and trace my dream.

Living in very narrow society in Japan, my dream would be fading away.
but I do not want to lose it.

Hold it.

I have like Son whom I love to see his life! He is like my son..

I do hope I would be able to meet him again soon.

Heavy rain

After having super crazy summer heat, suddenly heavy rain brought flodding many places in my home town. I felt so scared and do remember the day when we got seriouse flodding and my house was totally in mud.
I can not imagine when and where heavy rain will be had.

We can not predict the weather.. Keep my finger cross no more natural disasters in Japan.

Crazy summer heat

It has been having crazy summer heat in Japan and every day, we make highest record. Around Kyushu area where heavy rain brought flooding last week, I am sure there are many people suffering and have to clear out. But they need help. I will not be able to go because far away but try to find out what I can do.

I also had experienced flood way back 6 years ago in my home town and terrible..
I had like 3 months to clear out because of my parents need help.

I know how hard ...

Help each other...

Natural disasters

We have been having very heavy rain since last week and there are many places got flooded around Kyushu. Terrible view and many bankers cut off and all mud came out to residential areas. People can not run or escape because of too heavy rain to escape.

Japan has kind of old infurastructure here and there. Our government would not think about how to prevent those disasters.

Hope water level will be going down. However, rain belt still a seasonal rain front cover Japan.

Nasty bullying in Japan

We have very nasty bullying in Japan and teenager committed suiside last year but now start investigating again.

School, teachers and police denied even many kids knew what was happened.

I do not like those people who always look down or mean to people whom they think they are lower or?? we are all different and this is what human being..

Those people who give nasty bullying, they are sick and they should realize the problem on behind.

No more bullying..

Today is my BD

July 9th.. today is my birthday and I received a call from my best friend in Singapore this morning. I have been having long term friendship with her and she blessed me to have peaceful and healthy life!

I also received a gift from my best friend! I am happy to have thoughtful friends like them.

Arigatou and thanks to my parents!

Star festival

Today is July 7th which we call Tanabata festival. (Star festival) Princess and prince would meet once a year today. This is very romantic story...

Also we write our wishes to Tanzaku to hung on bamboo trees.

Last year of this time, I was traveling in Tokyo as my biz trip and found a bamboo tree in a park and I guess kids hand written said, bring peace in disaster areas...

I still keep praying.

Family trip

One of my friends from overseas have been visiting Japan with his family and relatives.

I got to know them well, almost 15 years ago in S.America when I made my biz trip. Since then, we have long term friendship even having long distance.

He brought his kids this time.. I had met his kids when they are like kids. Now .. time flies..

Long term friendship!

Last week, I received a wedding invitation from Manila.

A little girl is going to get married..

I used to visit Manila very often as my biz trip way back and at that time, my clients and their 3 daughters were like children whom took care of me during my staying in Manila.

Time flies and one of girls are now getting married and got an invitation.

No matter how far and how many years past, we stay in touch by internet.

I have not seen them so many years but all of their smiling faces are in my mind and never changing..

Congratulation, Nene..


いろんな夢を持って 海外に飛び込んだ若い頃、やはりB型だわとよく言われた私です。
I had a lot of dreams when I was working and visited so many countries as my biz trip let me open my eyes to know the real world.




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